FORENAMES:Thomas Harling
BORN:18 05 1834
BAPTISED:02 07 1834
AT:All Souls, St, Marylebone, London
NOTES:Member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Thomas Harling Ames, 11 John Street, Oxford Street, elected 1852
FATHER:Thomas Ames, born 10 06 1799, baptised 07 07 1799 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London
Son of Thomas Ames and Eleanor
Died 1Q/1883 Thomas Ames, 83, Richmond Ref. 2a 209
MOTHER:Sara / Sarah Comyns, married Thomas Ames 10 09 1831 Old Church, St Pancras, London
STEPMOTHER:Mary Anne Donnelly.
Daughter of John Donnelly, Gentleman, of full age, Spinster, of St Marylebone.
Married Thomas Ames, son of Thomas Ames, Gentleman, of full age, Widower, Upholsterer, of St Marylebone.
Married 22 04 1856 by licence at the Parish Church of St Marylebone, Middlesex by S Bac[k]e Harris, Curate.
Witnesses Bridget Standen and Ann Dyke
APPOINTED:Cornet 4LD 13 06 1856 by purchase, vice Cornet James Roxburgh retired
EXCHANGED:From 4LD 19 12 1856
RETIRED:Forced to retire the army by sale of his commission 09 01 1857
POST DISCHARGE OCCUPATION[S]:Brewer and Retailer of Beer, Bankrupt
Address January 1860: T Harling Ames, 5 Robert-street [8] Adelphi WC.
Also at this address E.J. Platt solicitor and G. Bentinck Lefroy solicitor
NOTES:Case Knapp v Ames
Parties: Alexander Knapp v Thomas Harling Ames
Pleadings from: Kings Bench, 1876
Reference: The National Archives: J 55/3/162
Records of the Supreme Court of Judicature and related courts
Queen's [King's] Bench Division
Statements of claims, counterclaims, etc, described at item level
BANKRUPTCY NOTICES:Extracts from London Gazette:
Gazette 22900 published on 07 10 1864 Page 30 of 56
In the Matter of the Companies Act, 1862, and of the Darjeeling Brewery Company [Limited].
Notice is hereby given, that a petition for the winding up of the above-named Company, by the Court of Chancery, was, on the 28th day of July, 1864, presented to the Lord Chancellor by Thomas Harling Ames, of the Cavendish Club, Regent's-street, in the county of Middlesex, Gentleman, a contributory of the said Company; and that the said petition is directed to be heard before the Right Honourable Sir R. T. Kindersley, on the next petition day; and any creditor or contributory of the said Company desirous to oppose the making of an Order for the winding up of the said Company, under the above Act, should appear at the time of hearing, by himself or his counsel, for that purpose; and a copy of the petition will be furnished to any creditor of contributory of the said Company requiring the same, by the undersigned, on payment of the regulated charge for the same.
Masterman, Upfill and Brutton, No. 8, Pancras-lane, Bucklersbury, Solicitors for the Petitioner.

Gazette 23025 published on 13 10 1865 Page 23 of 44
Notice is hereby given, that the following is a copy of the entry made in the book kept by the Chief Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy for the Registration of Trust Deeds for the benefit of Creditors, Composition and Inspectorship of Deeds executed by a Debtor, as required by the Bankruptcy Act, 1861, secs. 187, 192, 194, 196 and 198:-
Number - 14472
Title of Deed, whether Deed of Assignment, Composition, or Inspectorship - Conveyance
Date of Deed - 18th September 1865
Date of execution by Debtors - 18th September 1865
Names and description of the Debtors, as in the Deed -
Thomas Harlin Ames, late of No. 150 Leadenhall-street, in the city of London, but now of Wyndham-house, Cricklewood, in the county of Middlesex, Gentleman.
The names and descriptions of the Trustees or other parties to the Deed, not including the Creditors - Robert Campbell Macrae, of No. 9, Barge-yard-chambers, in the said city of London, Merchant [trustee], second part; the assenting creditors, third part; and all other creditors, fourth part.
A short statement of the nature of the Deed - Conveyance of all the estate and effects of the said debtor to the trustee, upon trust, for the benefit of all his creditors.
When left for Registration - 12th October 1865, at three o'clock.
The Seal of the Court.

Gazette 23528 published on 20 08 1869 Page 16 of 48
Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, Thomas Harling Ames and William Saltren Jope, and carrying on business as Brewers and Retailers of Beer at the Kent Brewery, Old Kent-road, and the Star Brewery, East-street, Walworth, both in the county of Surrey, was this day dissolved by mutual consent; and that all debts are to be received and paid by the said Thomas Harling Ames. - As witness our hands this 18th day of August 1869.
William Saltren Jope
T. H. Ames

Gazette 24733 published on 13 06 1879 Page 53 of 58
In the Bankruptcy Act, 1869
In the London Bankruptcy Court
In the Matter of a Bankruptcy Petition against Thomas Harling Ames, of 47, Finsbury-circus, in the city of London, Director of a Public Company, Upon the hearing of this Petition this day, and upon proof satisfactory to the Court of the debt of the Petitioner, and of the act of Bankruptcy alleged to have been committed by the said Thomas Harling Ames having been given, it is ordered that the said Thomas Harling Ames be, and he is hereby, adjudged bankrupt. - Given under the Seal of the Court this 10th day of June, 1879.
By the Court,
Wm. P. Murray, Registrar
The First General Meeting of the creditors of the said Thomas Harling Ames is hereby summoned to be held at the London Bankruptcy Court, Lincoln's-inn-fields, in the county of Middlesex, on the 27th day of June, 1879, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and that the Court has ordered the bankrupt to attend thereat for examination, and to produce thereat a statement of his affairs, as required by the statute.
No. 24733

Gazette 24745 published on 22 07 1879 Page 58 of 62
The Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
In the London Bankruptcy Court,
In the Matter of Thomas Harling Ames, of 47, Finsbury-circus, in the city of London, Director of a Public Company, a Bankrupt.
Joseph Andrews, of 7 and 8 Ironmonger-lane, in the city of London, Public Accountant, has been appointed Trustee of the property of the bankrupt. The Court has appointed the Public Examination of the bankrupt to take place at the London Bankruptcy Court, Lincolns' inn-fields, on the 6th day of August, 1879, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the bankrupt must deliver them to the trustee, and all debts due to the bankrupt must be paid to the trustee. Creditors who have not yet proved their debts must forward their proofs of debts to the trustee. - Dated this 15th day of July 1879.

Gazette 25306 published on 08 01 1884 Page 51 of 56
In the London Bankruptcy Court.
A Dividend is intended to be declared in the matter of Thomas Harling Ames, of 47, Finsbury-circus, in the city of London, Director of a Public Company, adjudicated bankrupt on the 10th day of June, 1879. Creditors who have not proved their debts by the 17th day of January, 1884, will be excluded. - Dated this 2nd day of January, 1884.
Joseph Andrews, Trustee

Gazette 25312 published on 25 01 1884 Page 42 of 52
In the London Bankruptcy Court
A First and Final Dividend of 2s. 6d. in the pound has been declared in the matter of Thomas Harling Ames, of 47, Finsbury-circus, in the city of London, Director of a Public Company, adjudicated bankrupt on the 10th day of June, 1879, and will be paid by me, at the offices of Messrs. Andrews and Mason, 7 and 8, Ironmonger-lane, in the city of London, Chartered Accountants, on and after the 24th day of January, 1884. Dated this 23rd day of January, 1884
Joseph Andrews; Trustee
DIED:11 03 1897, 1.40am, Thomas Ames, 63, Cerebral Haemorrhage
Died at Renfrew Road Workhouse, parish of St Mary Lambeth
Admitted to workhouse from Lambeth parish
Workhouse Master Stephen Ayles
NOTES:Death doesn't appear to have been registered for about one year:
1Q/1898, Thomas Ames, 63, Lambeth Ref. 1d 254
1ST WIFE:Leonora Annie ORSINI
BORN:c1845/1850 Milan Italy
MARRIED:19 11 1864 at St James' Church, Islington, Middlesex after Banns by B. B. Mackenzie
Thomas Harling Ames, full age, Bachelor, Gentleman, of St James Holloway, son of Thomas Ames Gentleman and
Leonora Annie Orsini, full age, Spinster, of St James Holloway, daughter of Victor Orsini, Gentleman
Witnesses: Henry Duncan and George Di[bbe]n
DIED:1Q/1897 Annie Leonora Ames, 47, Fulham Ref 1a 157
1ST CHILD:Florence
BORN:c1869/1870 Kentish Town London or Brighton Sussex
Possible births entry: 1Q/1870, Florence Ames, Brighton Ref. 2b 224
MARRIED:2Q/1897 Fulham Ref. 1a 507 Harry Walter COPLESTONE
2ND CHILD:Thomas
BORN:c1Q/1871 London
1841 CENSUS: Middlesex St Marylebone All Souls and Trinity District 11
Ref: HO107/675/10
John Street
Thomas Ames, 35, Upholder, Yes [born in county]
Sarah Ames, 38, Yes
Martha Gladwin, 20, M S, Yes
Jane Drake, 20, M S, No
1841 CENSUS: Middlesex St Pancras Kentish Town District 7
Mansfield Place
Eleanor Ames, 60, Wid, No
Thomas Ames, 7, Yes
Ann Dark, 27, F S, Yes
Mary Barber, 33, F S, No
1851 CENSUS: Middlesex St Marylebone All Souls District 10
Ref: HO107/1486
5 Great Castle Street
Thomas Ames, Head, Mar, 51, Upholsterer, Middx St Martins in Field
Sarah Ames, Wife, Mar, 53, Middx St Martins in Field
Thos. H. Ames, Son, U, 17, Scholar, Middx Marylebone
Sarah Hopgood, Servt, U, 36, House Servt, Middx NK [Not known]
Mary A Blunt, Servt, U, 41, House Servt, Middx NK [Not known]
1861 CENSUS: Middlesex St Marylebone St John District 7
Ref: RG9/87
25 Park Road
Thos Ames, Head, Mar, 61, Independent, Middx
Mary A Ames, Wife, Mar, 40, [Independent crossed out], Ireland
Mary Barber, Serv, Unm, 51, Housemd, Middx
Sarah Mann, Serv, Wid, 61, Cook, Norfolk
1871 CENSUS: Middlesex Willesden District 2
Ref: RG10/1327
Cricklewood House
Thomas Ames, Head, Widr, 71, Annuitant, Middx St Martyns in the Field
Thomas H Ames, Son, Widr, 36, Middx, Marylebone
Mary A Barker, Serv, Wid, 55/53, Cook, Middx Fulham
Mary Barker, Visitor, Unm, 63, Middx, St Andrew
Louisa Loyd, Serv, Unm, 29, Housemaid, Middx, St Pancras
1871 CENSUS: London St Bride District 4
Ref: RG10/424
8 [Bells Binting]
Leonora Ames, Head, Married, 26, No occ, Italy
Martha Messer, No relation, d, 65, Nurse, Shropshire
Florence [V/J] Ames, Dau, 2, City London
Thomas [L/S] Ames, blank, 3 mths, City London
1881 CENSUS:Surrey Richmond District Union Workhouse
Ref: RG11/845
Thomas Ames, Patient, Widower, 82, Upholster, Middlesex Westminster
1881 CENSUS:Sussex Rotherfield District 1
Ref: RG11/1050
Holy Trinity Girls Orphanage
Florence Ames, Scholar, 11, London
1891 CENSUS: London Hammersmith St Paul Hammersmith District 4
Ref: RG12/36
5 Sussex Close
Annie L Ames, Head, M, 44, Type Writer, Neither employer nor employed, Italy Milan
Florence H Ames, Dau, S, 22, Type Writer, Neither employer nor employed London, Kentish Town
1901 CENSUS: London Newington Trinity Newington District 17
123 Rodney Road
Harry W Coplestone, Head, M, 34, Licenced Victualler, London Hammersmith
Florence Coplestone, Wife, M, 31, Sussex Brighton
Harry W [E/C] Coplestone, Son, 3, London Paddington
Hetty Slade, Step sister, S, 19, Bar maid, Worker, London Clerkenwell
Frederick Fitzhugh, Brother in law, M, 41, Pot man, Barman, Worker, London Notting-hill
Frederick N Fitzhugh, Nephew, S, 13, London Woolwich
Tom Andrews, Servant, S, 27, Barman, Worker, Somerswell Trent Somerset
Ellen Crate, Servant, S, 20, Servant [Domestic], Worker, London Newington
LONDON GAZETTES:No 21892, 13 06 1856
No 22900, 07 10 1864
No 23025, 13 10 1865
No 23528, 20 08 1869
No 24733, 13 06 1879
No 24745, 22 07 1879
No 25306, 08 01 1884
No 25312, 25 01 1884
PRESS/ALMANACKS: Bulletins and other State Intelligence 1857
OTHER Census Returns, Workhouse Deaths, Marriage Certificates
Boyle's Fashionable Court and Country Guide and Town Visiting Directory,' January 1860

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