FORENAMES:James Richardson
AT:Woolwich Kent
ENLISTED:To 18th Hussars in Aug 1811 aged 18 years
To 4LD: 28 08 1821
ENLISTED BY:To 18th Hussars: Volunteered
BOUNTY: 13 8s
2 12s
ATTESTED: To 18th Hussars 30 08 1811 at Hesson/Hesten/Heston, Middlesex.
Sworn before James Fraser Esq. one of HM's Justices of the Peace of Middlesex, Magistrate
Examined by Wm. Chambers, Surgeon 18th Light Dragoons, 30 08 1811, Hounslow Barracks
To 4LD: 28 or 29 08 1821 at Newbridge, County of Kildare
Sworn before ___ Powell, one of HM's Justices of the Peace of the County of Kildare
Examined by Wm. Chambers, Surgeon ____
NOTE: Examined by Lieut. and Adjutant, 4th Light Dragoons
James Armstrong ___ on the 29th August but having [been] paid by the 18 Hussars for the 10 September does not commence pay with the 4 Dragoons till the 11 September 1821.
HEIGHT AT ENLISTMENT:To 18th Hussars: 5' 11"
To 4LD: 5' 11"
HEIGHT AT DISCHARGE:From 18th Hussars: 5' 11"
From 4LD: 5' 11 and 3/4"
DESCRIPTION ON ENLISTMENT: To 18th Hussars: 18 years of Age, Dark Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, Fair Complexion
To 4LD: 28 years of Age, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Complexion
DESCRIPTION ON DISCHARGE: From 18th Hussars: c28 years of Age, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Complexion
From 4LD: 45 years of Age, Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, Fresh Complexion
TROOP NO:Dec 1821: Troop 4
Jan 1824: Troop 7
Jan 1826: Troop 6
May 1824: Troop 7
1831: Troop 2
Sept 1838: Troop 7
TROOP CAPTAIN:1831: Captain Harcourt Master
RANK:1821: Private
Jan 1824: Private
May 1824: Private, Corporal
Oct 1825: Corporal, Sergeant
Jan 1826: Sergeant Kaira
Nov 1827: Sergeant, Troop Sergeant Major
1829: Troop Sergeant Major, Sergeant, Private, Sergeant
1830: Sergeant, Private
1831: Private, Corporal
1834: Corporal
1835: Corporal, Sergeant
1838-1839: Sergeant
PROMOTIONS: Private to Corporal 06 05 1824
Corporal to Sergeant 25 09 1825
Sergeant to Troop Sergeant Major: 28 10 1827
Private to Sergeant 14 [or 16] 11 1829
Private to Corporal 26 10 1831
Corporal to Sergeant 12 08 1835
Corporal to Sergeant 11/12 08 1835
REDUCTIONS:Troop Sergeant Major to Sergeant 21 04 1829
Sergeant to Private 05 [or 06] 08 1829
Sergeant to Private 04 10 1830
EMBARKATIONS:31 12 1821 Duke of York England
DISEMBARKATIONS:17 05 1822 Duke of York Bombay India
ALSO SERVED IN:18th Light Dragoons/18th Hussars
TRANSFERRED FROM:Volunteered from 18th Hussars 10 09 1821
DISCHARGE:From 18th Hussars:
He is hereby discharged in consequence of:
That he is not to my Knowledge incapacitated by the Sentence of a General Court Martial from receiving a Pension
That his general conduct as a Soldier has been Good
That he has received all just Demands of Pay, Clothing, &c., from his Entry into the Service, to the Date of this Discharge, as appears by his Receipt underneath
I James Armstrong do hereby acknowledge that I have received all my Clothing, Pay, Arrears of Pay, and all just Demands whatsoever, from the time of my entry into the Service to the time of this Discharge.
Certified by G.A. Stewart Cor[ne]t, Commanding the Troop or Company
Signed by Jas. Armstrong.
To prevent any improper use being made of this Discharge, by its falling into other Hands, the following is a Description of the said James R. Armstrong - he is about 28 years of Age, is 5 feet 11 inches in height, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Complexion, and by Trade or Occupation a Labourer.
Given under my Hand and Seal of the Regiment at Newbridge this 10th day of September 1821.
Signature of the Commanding Officer W_________, Adj. Generals Office 29 08 1821.
Confirmed A [____]
INVALIDED:31 06 1839 [should be 30 06 1839? No such date]
Recorded in Statement of Service as 12 06 1839, Gravesend
Roll of James Armstrong of HM 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons who is deemed a fit subject to be brought before the Special Invaliding Commitee of Field Officers, ordered to be assembled at Kirkee on the 20th day of September 1838
No. 25, James Armstrong.
Troop No. 7, Sergeant.
Age 45 years and no months.
Service in India 16 years and 4 months.
Character Good.
Disease or cause of proposing for Discharge: Unfit from age and length of Service, subject to Strictures in the Uretha.
Brief Summary of previous Medical Treatment: Bougies &c for the Strictures
The Decision of the Committee and Grounds of the Opinion formed: We have heard the Evidence of the Regimental Surgeon and the Captain of the Troop to which the Sergeant belongs, and judging from these are of Opinion, that He is unfitted for the General Duties of a Soldier and not likely to be able to resume these in India.
Signed W. Fendall, Lieut. Colonel Commanding, 4QOLD
D. Perston, Surgeon, 4QOLD
J. Scott, Lt. Colonel, 4th Dragoons, President
[________h] Major 17 [___], Member and
J Crawfurd, Capt. and Major [6 Regt], Member
REGIMENTAL BOARD: Proceedings of a Regimental Board, held in conformity to the Articles of War for the purpose of certifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character and cause of Discharge of James Armstrong, No. 25 Sergeant, 4th Q.O. Regiment of Light Dragoons.
Kirkee 29 09 1838
President Lieut. Colonel Scott, Members Captain Master and Captain Parlby.
James Armstrong appeared, and the Board having personally examing and compared the Regimental Records the Soldier's Book and other documents, report to the following effect.
Born in the Parish of Woolwich in or near the Town of Woolwich in the County of Kent, by Trade a Labourer
Attested for the 18th Regiment of Hussars at Hesson in the County of Middlesex on the 30th of August 1811, at the Age of Eighteen Years.
Service which he is entitled to reckon after making every deduction required by HM. Regulations up to the 30th of September 1838 is 37 years, 103 days, the details of which, as extracted from the Regimental documents, are stated in the following page.
James Armstrong being asked up to what period he has been paid, answered that his account was balanced up to the end of the present Month, being further asked whether he has any other claim on the Regiment for Arrears of Pay, Allowances, or Clothing, answered that he has none.
He has received all just Demands from his Entry into the Service, up to the 30 09 1838, signed Jas Armstrong
Certified [J. R. J.] Coles, Cornet
I certify that the foregoing Statements are correct Extracts from the Regimental Records, and the Proceedings of the Regimental Board, signed J. Scott, Lt. Colonel, President
Confirmed by me, W. Fendall, Lieutenant Colonel Commanding.
The Board have verified that his Soldier's Book is correctly balanced, and signed by the Officer Commanding his Company, and they further declare, that they have impartially inquired into, and faithfully reported their Opinion on all the matters brought before them, in accordance with the Regulations and Instructions issued by His Majesty's Orders.
Signed J. Scott, Lt. Colonel, President,
H. Master, Captain and W. Parlby, Captain, Members
MEDICAL REASON:Unfit from Age and Length of Service. Subject to Strictures in the Urethra.
Opion of the Principal Medical Officer, at Chatham, 19 06 1839:
After examination at the General Hospital I am of opinion that J. Armstrong is unfit for Service and is likely to be permanently incapacitated for military Duty his constitution being [impaired] and being subject to stricture.
Signed J Davy, S.T.H.
Horse Guards 10 07 1839
Confirmed W Ca[shmond] A.[___]
STATEMENT OF SERVICE: 18th Hussars: Private from 30 08 1811 to 10 09 1821, total 10 years, 12 days
4LD: Volunteered, Private from 11 09 1821 to 05 05 1824, total 2 years, 237 days
4LD: Promoted, Corporal from 06 05 1824 to 24 09 1825, total 1 year, 142 days
4LD: Promoted, Sergeant from 25 09 1825 to 27 10 1827, total 2 years 33 days
4LD: Promoted, Troop Sergeant Major from 28 10 1827 to 20 04 1829, total 1 year, 175 days
4LD: Reduced, Sergeant from 21 04 1829 to 04 08 1829, total 106 days
4LD: Reduced, Private from 05 08 1829 to 13 11 1829, total 101 days
4LD: Promoted, Sergeant from 14 11 1829 to 03 10 1830, total 2 years, 324 days
4LD: Reduced, Private from 04 10 1830 to 25 10 1831, total 1 year, 22 days
4LD: Promoted, Corporal from 26 10 1831 to 11 08 1835, total 3 years, 290 days
4LD: Promoted, Sergeant from 12 08 1835 to 30 09 1838, total 3 years 50 days
For Soldiers enlisted previous to the 15th March 1818:
East Indies from 12 05 1822 to 30 09 1838, half period, total 8 years, 71 days
Waterloo, total 2 years
Of which, as Corporal, 5 years 67 days
As Sergeant, 6 years, 148 days
As Sergeant Major, 1 year, 175 days
Total of the foregoing Statement, up to 30 09 1838, 37 years 103 days
Further Service from 01 10 1838 to 10 07 1839, total 283 days
Total Service allowed to reckon to the day of final discharge, 38 years, 21 days
Served: Two years in Spain and France, three years in Flanders [and France], sixteen years in the East Indies, the remainder at Home.
CHARACTER: The Regimental Board is of opinion that his conduct has been that of a good and efficient Soldier, trustworthy and sober.
The Officers composing the Board, having examined the Defaulter's Book, and received the parole testimony from Lieut. and Adjutant Lloyd are of opinion that his Conduct has been that of a good and efficient Soldier, trustworthy and sober.
PENSION DISTRICT:1839: East London 1
1859: Jersey
NOTES:Private on arrival in India
DIED:20 08 1861
1st WIFE:Eliza Ross, Widow [formerly Clarke?]
MARRIED:21 06 1826 at Kaira India after banns
NOTES:Witnesses: J. King, Sgt. M. Jessop
James Armstrong: Bachelor, Sergeant 4LD
Minister Charles Jackson, Chaplain
1851 CENSUS:Ref. HO 107 1556
Middlesex Poplar District 17
2 Augusta Street
James Armstrong, Head, Mar, 58, Chelsea Pensioner and Labourer, Woolwich ___
Eliza Armstrong, Wife, Mar, 69, Dublin Ireland
TNA SOURCES:WO/12/634-637
OTHER SOURCES:Ancestry.co.uk

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