FORENAMES:George Ulric also recorded as George Ulrick
BORN:08 10 1791
FATHER:Sir George Hilare Barlow Bart. G.C.B., died 22 12 1847 at Fir Grove, Farnham, aged 84 years.
Formerly Governor-general of Bengal, and subsequently Governor of Madras [appointed May 1809]
Fourth son of William Barlow Esq., and Hilare, daughter of Robert Butcher Esq., of Walthamstow.
Brother of the late Admiral Sir Robert Barlow K.C.B.
He went to India in the service of the HEIC in 1778.
Created a Baronet in 1803
Returned to England in 1814 after 34 years in India.
MOTHER:Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Burton Smith Esq. of Westmeath
SIBLINGS:[2] The Right Hon. Elizabeth-Harriet Viscountess Exmouth, born 21 01 1790. Married 01 10 1808 to Pownall-Bastard Pellew, 2nd Viscount Exmouth. Marriage was dissolved by act of parliament in July 1820.
[3] William, born 18 12 1792, RN, died 26 07 1811 aged 19 years
[4] Charlotte, born 29 09 1794, married Mr Belmavue, resident in India
[5] Sir John Henry Barlow, born 07 12 1795. Succeeded to the baronetcy, widowed, in the Bengal civil service, a senior merchant and salt agent, at Jessore, Bengal
[6] Robert, born 24 09 1797, in the Bengal civil service, senior merchant Bengal
[7] Louisa, died 24 08 1821
[8] Charles-Anstruther, born 05 02 1800
[9] Frances
[10] Anne-Caroline
[11] Richard-Wellesley, born 10 09 1804, in the Bengal civil service, junior merchant, magistrate and deputy collector at Monghyr, East Indies
[12] Harriet
[13] Edward, born 18 06 1807
[14] Emme, died 08 08 1818
[15] Frederick, born 23 05 1810 [not the child of Sir George, hence the resulting court case and dissolution of Sir George and Lady Barlow's marriage.]
NOTES:Barlow family of Staffordshire origin
George Ulric Barlow's parents married in Calcutta, April 1789.
Their marriage was dissolved by act of parliament 30 04 1816
George Ulric Barlow was their eldest child
APPOINTED: Lieutenant 52nd Foot 1812
[Was reported as Captain 69th Foot on 10 11 1813]
Captain ___ 30 12 1813
Captain 69th Foot Half-Pay
Captain 22nd Light Dragoons, 17 08 1820 vice George Lionel Davyson who exchanges
Captain 22nd Light Dragoons Half-Pay
Captain 4LD 05 04 1821 vice Charles Wood who exchanges receiving the difference between full pay cavalry and full pay infantry
EXCHANGED:From 69th [South Lincolnshire] Regiment half-pay to 22nd Light Dragoons 17 08 1820
From Captain 22nd Light Dragoons Half-Pay to Captain 4LD 05 04 1821
TROOP NO:1822: Troop 4
May 1822: Troop 5
Jan 1823: Troop 5
Jan 1824: Troop 5
TROOP CAPTAIN:1822-1824: Self
EMBARKATIONS:31 12 1821 Dunira England
DISEMBARKATIONS:16 05 1822 Dunira Bombay India
CAMPAIGNS:Served in Spain in the 52nd Foot and 69th Foot
Lieutenant George Ulrick Barlow, 52nd Foot 1st Battalion, wounded severely at storming of Badajoz, 1812
Captain George Ulrick Barlow, 69th Foot, severely wounded at the Battle of Nivelle, 10 11 1813
NOTES:Extract from The History of Lord Seaton's Regiment...
`Colonel Hall tells me, "Near Nivelles we overtook Barlow, captain in the 69th. He had been promoted from the 52nd about a year before. Through the fault of the Prince of Orange, the 69th, in the act of changing position, had been charged by French dragoons. Barlow, and many others, lay down and escaped hurt, except from the trampling of the horses. He was limping along, very sore and lame, and feelingly declaimed against the common notion, that a horse will not tread on a man lying on the ground. His jacket was blackened with the marks of horse shoes. I suppose in such a case the horse has no choice and cannot pick its way."

Extract from The Journal of the United Service Institution, Volume 3
In illustration of the value of experienced or instructed soldiers, under skilful officers, in former wars, I may quote the following instance of what occurred near Bayonne in 1813. I give it in the words of the late lamented Sir William Reid, of the Royal Engineers, from whose valuable paper on "Intrenchments as supports in Battle," published in the second volume of the old series of the Royal Engineer Professional Papers,] I have derived a part of what I have endeavoured to convey to you on this subject.
Sir William Reid says, "It deserves here to be recorded, that the outposts of the 52nd Regiment had been so well fortified by the late Captain George Barlow, of that regiment, that the pickets had no occasion to retire until they had fired their sixty rounds of ammunition. This officer had taught himself how to strengthen posts by barricades and other temporary expedients; and he deserved the support he always received from the Engineers, who supplied him with what he required from their small dépôt... of entrenching tools. The pickets being thus enabled to hold their ground, without risk, for a considerable time, the troops for the defence of the main central position had full time to assemble [for it was in December, and they were scattered in houses], and to deploy in the position, the greater part somewhat retired behind the slope of the ground. There was nothing in the defences which impeded the usual formation, and everything was prepared to maintain this ground offensively."

Note: There is some doubt whether this officer's name is correctly recorded for this service, as Lieutenant G. U. Barlow of the 52nd was returned `wounded' on 10th November, 1813, and `on leave to England' from 13th December, 1813; but the extract is inserted as given by Sir W. Reid,...
DIED:30 06 1824 [Kaira] India
BURIED:Inscription of a tablet inside the church at the Kaira cantonment, transcribed by Dr. Buist and appearing in Dr Buist's Notes on a Journey, appearing in The Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society: 1857
'Sacred to the Memory of George Hilliero Barlow, Capt. H.M. 4th Dragoons. Eldest Son of Sir George Hilliero Barlow, Bart. Governor General of India. Ob. 13 June 1823. Etat 33.' [sic]
1st WIFE:Hilare/Hilaire Barlow, cousin of George Ulric Barlow, and third daughter of Sir Robert Barlow, Captain RN, K.C.B., later Countess Nelson, Duchess of Bronte
MARRIED:27 02 1817
NOTES:Appears unnamed in Dunira passenger list, 1821-1822
George and Hilare had no children
After George's death Hilare was remarried:
Firstly to the Right Hon. Rev. William, 1st Earl Nelson, at London 26 03 1829.
Earl Nelson, the elder brother of Lord Horatio Nelson, died 28 02 1835.
Hilare was Earl Nelson's second wife, the first being Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Edward Yonge, married 09 11 1786
After the Earl's death Hilare married George Thomas Knight Esq.
PORTRAIT: Hilare, Lady Nelson
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