BORN:15 03 1847
AT:Liverpool Lancashire
BAPTISED:08 04 1847
AT:St Nicholas Liverpool Lancashire
OCCUPATION[S]:Educated at Eton
FATHER:John Bibby, [1810-1883] born Liverpool, founder of All Hallows Church Allerton in memory of his first wife.
Second son of John Bibby of Linacre, the founder of the Bibby Shipping Company in 1807
MOTHER: Fanny ____, born 31 10 1812 Pontefract Yorkshire, died 13 11 1856 aged 44 years
STEPMOTHER:Anna Maria Emily Fleetwood HESKETH [1829-1899] born Preston, married John Bibby 19 04 1860
SIBLINGS: John, born c1840 Everton, died 1898
Ellen, born 28 03 1841, Everton, cx 30 04 1841 Holy Trinity, Liverpool
Fanny, born 18 07 1843 Everton, cx 17 08 1843 Holy Trinity, Liverpool
Alice, born c1845 Everton, cx 03 03 1845 Liverpool
Edward, born 10 02 1848 ____, cx 28 03 1848 St Nicholas Liverpool
Amy, born 15 08 1849 ____, cx 26 09 1849 Childwall Lancashire
[Stepsister] Edith, born 16 01 1861 North Meole / Allerton. Married Percy Palin 17 09 1890.
COMMISSIONED:Cornet [05 01 1866]
APPOINTED:Cornet 4th Hussars 05 01 1866 by purchase vice Beatty promoted
Lieutenant 4th Hussars 17 02 1869 by purchase vice John Lawrence [cancelled]
Lieutenant 4th Hussars 02 04 1869 without purchase vice Frederick Henry Maitland, a probationer for the
Indian Staff Corps
Captain 4th Hussars 13 01 1871 by purchase vice Thomas Henry Porker who retires
Captain 13th Hussars 29 08 1871 vice Captain James Alexander Ford who exchanges
Captain 7th Dragoon Guards 16 07 1873 vice William Robinson Truman who exchanges
Major 7th Dragoon Guards 01 07 1881 from Half-Pay
Lieutenant Colonel 4th Hussars 20 01 1886 vice Lieutenant Colonel Henry Fane Grant C.B. who exchanges
Colonel 4th Hussars 18 11 1886
EXCHANGED:From 4th Hussars to 13th Hussars 29 08 1871
From 13th Hussars to 7th Dragoon Guards 16 07 1873
From 7th Dragoon Guards to 4th Hussars 20 01 1886
BREVET:To be Lieutenant Colonel 7th Dragoon Guards 29 12 1882
RETIRED:Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel 4th Hussars, receiving the value of his Commission, 13 05 1891
NOTES: Extract from Liverpool Mercury dated Wed 30 08 1882:
A Wounded Liverpool Officer:
Major Alfred Bibby, who was wounded in the engagement on the 24th of August, is the son of Mr. John Bibby, of Harthill, Allerton, Liverpool. He was born in 1847, and in 1866 entered the army in the 4th Hussars. After attaining the rank of captain in that regiment he exchanged in 1871 into the 13th Hussars, and he again exchanged in 1873 into the 7th Dragoon Guards, of which regiment he became the senior major by the operation of the Army Warrant of July, 1881. His wound is reported to be in the chest, and the latest account of him is that he is doing well.

Nb: Action was in the Egyptian campaign, possibly at Magfar, or at Kassassin.
NOTES:Resided Petersfield Hampshire
DIED:2Q 1920 Alton Ref. 2c 198 aged 73 years
NOTES:Donation of 25 from Colonel Alfred Bibby, and 100 from Edward Bibby Esq., donated to the Liverpool Training Ship Indefatigable [for sons and orphans of sailors and other poor and destitute boys] at the annual meeting held at the Town Hall on Tuesday 11 03 1890.
NOTES:Royal Dublin Society: At a ballot for the admission of members, held at the general meeting on Thursday 08 11 1893, the following were elected: Colonel Alfred Bibby, United Service Club, Pall Mall, London.
NOTES:Colonel Alfred Bibby, of Bordean, Petersfield, Southampton, executor, estate of Lieutenant Colonel James Henry Aspinwall, late 3rd Dragoon Guards, died 30 01 1904, will proved 16 03 1904.
NOTES:Patron of All Hallows, Allerton c1915, which was founded by his father John Bibby
WIFE:Hylda Frances Maryon BATTYE
BORN:c1869 Hadwell Salop
MARRIED:On 03 06 1890 at the Chapel-Royal Savoy, London by the Rev. Henry White, M.A., Chaplain of the Savoy, Chaplain-in-Ordinary to the Queen, and Chaplain to the House of Commons, assisted by the Rev. Edward Chadwick, M.A., Vicar of Thornhill, Lees, Dewsbury, and the Rev. N.F.G. Kemble, M.A., Vicar of Allerton, Liverpool
NOTES:Groom: Colonel Alfred Bibby, Commanding 4th Queens Own Hussars
Bride: eldest daughter of Mrs Battye, 7 Portman Square London and the late Richard Battye, Esq., Skelton Hall, Yorkshire
1ST CHILD:James David
BORN:09 11 1892 at Fairfield Hambledon or Ireland
NOTES:Father Colonel Alfred Bibby.
Resided at Childer Farm near Alton Hampshire
Emigrated with his family to Southern Rhodesia in 1954.
Died London 23 06 1979 aged 88 years.
BORN:c1893 Hants Hambledon
3RD CHILD:Richard P
BORN:c1895 Hants Langrish
4TH CHILD:Francis S
BORN:c1897 Hants Langrish
BORN: c1898 Hants Langrish
6TH CHILD: Alfreda C
BORN: c1900 Hants Langrish
1851 CENSUS:Lancashire Allerton District 3
Ref. HO107/2192
Hart Hill
John Bibby, Head, Mar, 40, Merchant, Liverpool Lancashire
Fanny Bibby, Wife, Mar, 38, Merchant's Wife, Pontefract Yorkshire
Ellen Bibby, Dau, 10, Merchant's Daur, Everton Lancashire
Fanny Bibby, Dau, 7, Merchant's Daur, Everton Lancashire
Alice Bibby, Dau, 6, Merchant's Daur, Everton Lancashire
Alfred Bibby, Son, 4, Merchant's Son, Everton Lancashire
Edward Bibby, Son, 3, Merchant's Son, Everton Lancashire
Amy Bibby, Dau, 1, Merchant's Daur, Allerton Lancashire
Ann Milton Bird, Governess, U, 26, Governess, Hilston Cornwall
Sarah Bibby, Niece, U, 3, Merchant's Daur, Liverpool Lancashire
Plus 2 Nurses, Laundress, Cook, Waitress, 2 Housemaids, Kitchenmaid and Groom
1861 CENSUS:Lancashire Allerton District 8c
Ref. RG9/2738
Allerton Road
John Bibby, Head, Mar, 50, J.P. Retired Merchant, Lancaster Liverpool
Anna M.E.F. Bibby, Wife, 31, Lancaster, Preston
John Bibby, Son, Unm, 21, Copper Merchant, Lancaster Everton
Ellen Bibby, Dau, Unm, 20, Lancaster Everton
Fanny Bibby, Dau, Unm, 17, Scholar, Lancaster Everton
Alice Bibby, Dau, Unm, 16, Scholar, Lancaster Everton
Alfred Bibby, Son, Unm, 14, Scholar, Lancaster Everton
Edith Bibby, Dau, 2 mths, Lancaster Allerton
Plus Cook, Ladies Maid, Nurse, 2 Housemaids, Kitchen Maid, Butler, Coachman and Groom
1871 CENSUS:Yorkshire St Martin Micklegate with St Gregory, District 4
Ref. RG10/4747
Tanner Row, Royal Sation [sic] Hotel
John Marshall, Innkeeper
Alfred Bibby, Visitor, Unm, 24, 4th Hussars, born Liverpool
1881 CENSUS:Hampshire Aldershot District Cavalry Barracks, 7th Dragoon Guards
Ref. RG11/786
Alfred Bibby, Unm, 34, Captain, born Liverpool Lancashire
Francis Gist, Visitor, Unm, 29, 5th Dragon [sic] Guards, Gloucestershire
1901 CENSUS:Hampshire Langrish District 3
Ref. RG13/1095
Bordean House
Alfred Bibby, Head, M, 54, Colonel Retired Army, born Lancs Liverpool
Hylda Bibby, Wife, M, 32, Hadwell Salop
James D Bibby, Son, S, 9, Ireland
John P Bibby, Son, S, 8, Hants Hambledon
Richard P Bibby, Son, S, 6, Hants Langrish
Francis S Bibby, Son, S, 4, Hants Langrish
Mary Bibby, Dau, S, 3, Hants Langrish
Alfreda C Bibby, Dau, S, 1, Hants Langrish
Effie C Graham, Visitor, S, 35, Governess, Scotland
Plus Cook, Ladies Maid, Nurse, 2 Housemaids, Schoolroom Maid, Under Nurse, Kitchenmaid, Butler, Footman, Stableman, Groom
LONDON GAZETTES: No 23057, 05 01 1866
No 23469, 16 02 1869
No 23484, 02 04 1869
No 24999, 26 07 1881
No 25525, 29 12 1882
No 25550, 19 01 1886
No 25645, 16 11 1886
No 25778, 12 05 1891
No 27684, 10 06 1904
PRESS/ALMANACKS: Freemans Journal Th 18 02 1869, Mon 05 04 1869, Wed 16 07 1873, Sat 11 11 1893
Daily News Sat 14 01 1871, Wed 30 08 1871, Tue 15 11 1892
Belfast Newsletter Fri 06 06 1890
Liverpool Mercury Wed 12 03 1890
OTHER Census Returns
The Mellards & their Descendants, including the Bibbys of Liverpool by Aleyn Lyell Reade, 1915
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