FORENAMES:James Edward
AT:[Marhall] Dorset
FATHER:James Edward Bradshaw of Fair Oak Park, near Winchester Hants, and Darcy Lever [Lancashire]
bc 1809, son of John Bradshaw and Charlotte Mary Smith
Amongst three men nominated for Sheriff for the county of Southampton by the Lords of the Council at the Exchequer on the Morrow of St. Martin 1855 [LG 13 11 1855].
Appointed Sheriff [LG 31 01 1856]
Married Frances Lumbe Dugdell on 03 06 1834
Died 16 09 1887
MOTHER:Francis/Frances Sarah Lumbe Dugdell, daughter of the Rev. J. W. Dugdell, rector of Kington Magna.
bc 1815 Kington Magna Dorset
SIBLINGS: Charles Bradshaw, bc [1835]
Fanny Oldham Bradshaw, bc 1836 Dorset
Charlotte May/Mary Bradshaw, bc [1839] Sardinia or Nice France, cx 19 01 1836 Kington Magna Dorset
William Bradshaw, bc 1845 Dorset
Henry Cust Bradshaw, bc 1850 France
Emma Caroline Bradshaw, bc 1853 Bishop Stoke Hants
Nora Beatrice Bradshaw, bc 1858 Bishop Stoke Hants
Alice Julia Bradshaw, b 26 04 1859 at Pau, Basses Pyréenées, France
John Bradshaw, born 30 06 1782, died January 1816 from the effects of an overthrow of the mail coach at Pendleton.
Married Charlotte Mary Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith Esq., 27 02 1809 Evercreech Somerset. Died 31 08 1817 at Yate Gloucestershire.
Uncles & Aunts:
John Bradshaw, Esq., of Vicar's Hill House near Lymington, Hants
Charlotte Mary Bradshaw, born Jun 1810 at Bath, died May 1819 at Yate
NOTES: Estate:
Fair Oak Park, Hampshire, the seat of James Edward Bradshaw, Esq.
This gentleman traces his descent in a direct line from Sir John de Bradshaw, to whom William the Conqueror extended his protection, allowing him to retain possession of his estate.
In addition to this seat, Mr. Bradshaw also possesses Darcy Lever Hall, Lancashire, built by the Bradshaws in the last century [1700s], though the estate has been possessed by the family since the reign of King Edward IV. This mansion is a handsome brick ediface, and had formerly extensive gardens. The whole district is in a thriving condition, the soil producing coal in abundance, while the Bolton canal affords great facilities to manufacturing and mining enterprise.
COMMISSIONED:Cornet 13 08 1858
APPOINTED: Cornet 4LD 13 08 1858 without purchase, vice Cornet Davies, appointed to 6th Dragoons 26 07 1858
Lieutenant 4LD 08 05 1860 by purchase, vice William Chaine promoted
DIED:22 01 1861 Portobello Barracks Dublin aged 20 years
NOTES:Lieutenant William Howley Burder 6th Dragoons Guards to be Lieutenant 4LD vice James Edward Bradshaw deceased, 08 02 1861.
NEXT OF KIN:J. Bradshaw, father.
Unmarried, no will.
`The effects of this officer were handed over to his father who was present at his decease and funeral and settled all his affairs.'
1851 CENSUS: Hampshire Bishop Stoke District 4a
Fair Oak Park
James Edward Bradshaw, Head, Mar, 39, Landed Proprietor, Gloucestershire Chipping
Francis Sarah Bradshaw, Wife, Mar, 36, Kent Ospinge
Fanny Oldman Bradshaw, Dau, 15, Scholar at Home, Dorset King[s]ton Magna
Charlotte May Bradshaw, Dau, 12, Scholar at Home, Sardinia British Subject
James Charles Bradshaw, Son, 8, Scholar at Home, Dorset [Marhall]
William Bradshaw, Son, 6, Scholar at Home, Dorset [Marhall]
Henry Cust Bradshaw, Son, 1, France British Subject
Mary Anne Dugdale/Dugdell, Visitor, Widow, 70, Annuitant, Cambridge March
Martha Dodd, Governess, Spinster, 36, Governess, Northumberland Newcastle
Plus ten house servants
1861 CENSUS:Hampshire Bishopstoke District 3
Ref. RG9/694
Fair Oak Park
James Edward Bradshaw, Head, Mar, 49, Landed Proprietor, Parish of [Gate] Gloucester
Francis Lamb Bradshaw, Wife, Mar, 46, Ospring Kent
Charlotte Mary Bradshaw, Dau, Unm, 22, Nice France British Subject
William Bradshaw, Son, Unm, 16, Scholar, [More] Hill Dorset
Emma Caroline Bradshaw, Dau, 8, Scholar, Private at Home, Bishop Stoke Hants
Nora Beatrice Bradshaw, Dau, 3, Scholar, Private at Home, Bishop Stoke Hants
Alice Julia Bradshaw, Dau, 1, France Pau British Subject
Julia Marie Elliott, Governess, Unm, 25, Governess, Chichester Sussex
William [Purey] Cust, Visitor, Widr, 39, Officer returned from India, St George Hanover Sq. London
Plus Housekeeper, Nurse, Cook, two Housemaids, Kitchen Maid, Nurse Maid, Footman, Butler [returned from the army] and Groom
1871 CENSUS:Hampshire Bishopstoke District 3
Ref: RG12/1213
Fair Oak Park
James Edwin Bradshaw, Head, Mar, 59, Land owner, Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire
Fanny [L] Bradshaw, Wife, Mar, 56, Ospringe Kent
Henry C Bradshaw, Son, Unm, 21, France BS
Emma C Bradshaw, Dau, Unm, 18, Fair Oak Hants
Nora B Bradshaw, Dau, 13, Fair Oak Hants
Alice J Bradshaw, Dau, 11, France BS
Plus Governess, Lady Maid, Cook, 2 House Maids, Kitchen Maid, Butler, Page, Groom, [Help] Gardener [and family]
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