BORN: c1770 [IGI] or c1782 [obit]
AT:Ponteland Northumberland
BAPTISED: 11 08 1778
AT:All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter, Devon
FATHER:Charles Byne, Esq., Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards, [later Major]
Second son of Rev. Henry Byne, of Dunstone Hall, Northumberland and Anna, daughter of Philip Bridall, Esq.
Charles married twice:
[1] Lady Grace Montgomery, daughter of Alexander, Earl of Eglington
[2] Frances, daughter of William Basil, Esq., of Wilton Park, Co. Bucks and his wife Frances Dowdeswell
MOTHER:Frances Basil
SIBLINGS:[1] Charles Byne, bc 1764 Ponteland, Northumberland, Captain 86th Regiment, died unmarried
[2] George Byne, Esq., bc 1768 Ponteland, Northumberland, of the Royal Marines. Commanded marines on the Sandwich in Admiral Rodney's victory, 12 04 1782
Married Elizabeth-Harriet, daughter of Henry Kendal, Esq., of London, banker
Died in 1832.
[3] Harland or Martin Harland Byne, cx 25 07 1776 Alphington, Devon, 76th Regiment, murdered in Ceylon by the natives
[4] Henry Byne, of the Royal Marines
[5] Edmund Byne, cx 25 03 1775 Alphington, Devon, married Miss Roberts
[6] Fanny Byne, bc 1766 Ponteland, Northumberland
[7] Maria Byne, bc 1773 Ponteland, Northumberland, married c1796, to Dr. Townsend-Forester, brother, and later uncle, of the Lords Forester
COMMISSIONED:18 11 1807 [?]
APPOINTED: Cardigan Militia
Lieutenant temporary Army rank 46th Regiment 08 or 11 03 1800
Lieutenant [from Gent] Infantry, Swansea Legion, 12 11 1803 vice Thomas resigned
Lieutenant 8th Light Dragoons
Captain of a Company 17th Light Dragoons 16 06 1810 vice Brevet Major P. H. Nicolle promoted
Captain 17th Light Dragoons 1817-1823
Captain 4LD 24 07 1823 vice Edward Scott who exchanges
Major 4LD 02 10 1834 [22 05 1835 LG] without purchase vice Major Gerrard Samuel Moore deceased
EXCHANGED: Lieutenant 8th Light Dragoons to Captain 17th Light Dragoons 16 06 1810
Captain 17th Light Dragoons to Captain 4LD 24 07 1823
BREVET:Major 19 07 1821
TROOP NO: January 1824: Depot Troop
October 1824: Troop 3
September 1826: Troop 3
January 1827: Troop 3
March 1828: Troop 3
1831: Troop 3
TROOP CAPTAIN:1824-1831: Self
NOTES:On leave until 24 06 1824
January 1826: Troop 3 to Cavalry in Cutch
EMBARKATIONS: 12 01 1823 Upton Castle Bombay India
25 04 1824 Upton Castle England
DISEMBARKATIONS: 1823 Upton Castle London England
02 09 1824 Upton Castle Bombay India
RETIRED:27 10 1835 [India]
NOTES:Served with great distinction in the 17th Light Dragoons
POST DISCHARGE OCCUPATION[S]:Co-owner of a mulberry garden at Ahmednuggar
DIED:05 08 1841 Ahmednuggur India, Edward Byne Esq, formerly Major, 4LD, aged 59 years
BURIED:05 08 1841 India
1ST WIFE:Anna-Frances Suizer, an `Indian lady of rank' [Burke's]
TNA SOURCES:WO/12/636-638
LONDON GAZETTES:No 15237, 08 03 1800
No 15899, 10 11 1803
No 16378, 12 06 1810
HART'S ARMY LISTS: The Army List for September 1818
The Army List for January 1820
A List of the officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines War Office, 1827
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Morning Post Friday 29 08 1818
Extract from Supplement to the London Gazette on Tuesday 25 08 1818
[Transmitted by Sir W. G. Keir]
Copy of a Dispatch from Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. L. Stanhope to Major-General Sir W. G. Keir, K.M.T., dated Hurala, 9th March, 1818.
Sir - In the middle of last night I received information that a body of between three and four hundred Pindarries had been the evening before at a place called Tee, to the south-west of Indore, distant about 30 miles from Seymlee, the place I was then at.
Having marched from thence at four o'clock this morning, I proceeded to Tee; but on my arrival finding that our enemy had fled without halting, I followed him to this place [which is five miles distant] at a brisk pace, where I came up with him with a detachment of the 17th Dragoons, consisting of 170 men, by which he has been nearly annihilated.
Tee and this place lie in a valley, the approach to which from the high ground is not to be concealed, in consequence of which our enemy had time for preparation, added to which our route lay across a Nulla and through a town, through which the troops had to file; at first the Pindarries seemed inclined to stand, but before the Dragoons came in contact with them, fled: a pursuit of 14 or 15 miles, ensued, in which, for the first three, the Dragoons charged in line.
The pursuit did not cease until I found myself some miles a head of the rest, with Lieut. Marriott, and half-a-dozen men, whose horses would scarcely move, with the remains of our enemy's force, consisting of 20 or 30 men, 3 or 400 yards a head in a strong jungle country.
I have the greatest reason to be satisfied with the conduct of every one: Capt. Adams, who commanded the Dragoons, led on the men with great spirit; and Cornet Marriott, whose gallant zeal I have before had occasion to bring to your notice, behaved admirably.
Captain Byne and Cornet Clarke, of my own Staff, and Lieutenant Jervis, of the Bombay Engineers, whose services I have lately been much indebted to you for, afforded me the greatest assistance in enabling me to trace out and come up with the enemy, and I really find it difficult to describe to you how indefatigable those Officers have been night and day in collecting information respecting the Pindarries and their families. - I have, &c.
L. Stanhope, Lieut. Colonel,
Commanding 1st batt. of the Bombay Division.
P.S. I find I have omitted mentioning that it was Cheetoo commanding the Pindarries in the affair of this day.

Extract from Division Orders by Major-General Sir W. G. Keir, K.M.T.
Camp at Debalpoor, March 13, 1818
The Major-General is happy to publish to the division the following particulars of an action between a detachment from his Majesty's 17th Dragoons, under Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. L. Stanhope, and a body of 300 Pindarries, commanded by Cheetoo in person...

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