SURNAME:Dunn also recorded as Dunne
AT:Newtown Wicklow Ireland
ENLISTED:20 07 1824 Dublin [Or 17 07 1824]
ATTESTED:21 07 1824 aged 19 years 11[crossed out] months
No Attestation received by the Paymaster of the 4th light Dragoons,
[Signed] J.H.T. Warde, Lieut. and Act[in]g Paymaster 4 Lt. Dragoons
DESCRIPTION AT DISCHARGE:Brown hair, blue eyes, fresh complexion, trade servant, 43 years
TROOP NO:Oct 1825: Troop 3
Jan 1826: Troop 3
1831: Troop 3
TROOP CAPTAIN:1831: Captain Edward Byne
RANK:1825: Private
1826: Private, Kaira
1831: Private
1834: Private
1839: Private, Scinde
1841: Private
1848: Private
COURT MARTIALS:Tried by District Court Martial on the 18th November 1844 for having been Drunk on duty.
Extract from the Court Martial Book against No. 220 Patrick Dunn, [Private], Athlone Barracks, 2nd November 1848
Date of Trial 18 11 1844
Crime: For having been Drunk when on Sentry over the Barrack Gate, and Guard Room at Norwich, in or about 10 o'clock, on the morning of the 10th Nov. 1844.
Finding and Sentence: Found Guilty and Sentenced to suffer an imprisonment of 4 Lunar Months, the 1st and 4th to be Solitary
Description of Court: District Court Martial
If any Remitted: None
`True Extract' [Signed] Geo. Paget, Lieut. Colonel Commg. 4th Light Dragoons.
SENTENCE:Four Lunar Months imprisonment, the first and fourth in solitary.
EXTRACTS FROM DEFAULTER'S BOOK:Against Private Patrick Dunn No. 220, Enlisted 20 07 1824
Athlone Barracks, 02 11 1848
23 12 1831, Drunk and making a noise after Hours, 7 days Drill
02 05 1832, For being Drunk, 2 days B[lack] Hole, 7 days Drill
19 08 1832, For being Drunk for Church Parade on the evening of the 19 August 1832, 2 days Congee [House], 7 days Drill
03 04 1834, Overstaying his pass, and not erturning till 8a.m., 6 days Heavy Drill
09 11 1834, Absent from Watchsetting, 4 days Heavy Drill
10 09 1835, Returning Drunk off pass, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room
07 06 1836, Drunk for Evening Stables, 5 days Def[aulter]s Room
10 03 1837, Drunk and making a noise and disturbance in Barracks after hours, 6 days Def[aulter]s Room
21 05 1837, Drunk and out of Barracks after hours, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room
22 07 1837, Drunk and Noisy after hours, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room
16 08 1838, Overstaying his pass and not ret[urnin]g till past 7 a.m., 5 days Def[aulter]s Room
08 01 1839, Absent from 3 o'clock Roll call watering parade and Stables, Confined to camp
26 11 1839, Drunk in Camp, 7 days Drill
26 06 1840, Overstaying his pass and not returning till past 8 the next morning and being Drunk, 6 days Def[aulter]s Room
09 08 1840, Drunk and out of Barracks after hours, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room
10 12 1840, Drunk on evening Stable parade, 2 days Congee House 7 days Df. Room
27 07 1842, Drunk at Drill, 3rd offence since 25 Ap[ri]l, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room, 21 days to Barracks
28 05 1842, Absent after Watchsetting, 4 days Def[aulter]s Room, 7 days to Barracks
15 02 1843, Absent from Church Roll at 12 till past 4 a.m., 4 days Def[aulter]s Room
27 01 [1843], Absent from Church Roll at past 10, till 7 next morning, 7 days Def[aulter]s Room, 20 days to Barracks
23 05 1843, Drunk in Barracks, 5 days Def[aulter]s Room, 15 days to Barracks
27 03 1844, Absent from Parade when for Orderly Duty, 7 days Drill
15 07 1844, Drunk for Guard, 48 Hours B[lack] Hole, 20 days Drill and conf[ined] to [Barracks]
10 11 1844, Drunk when on Sentry, 4 Lunar Mths Impr[isonmen]t 1st and last Solitary, D[istrict] C[ourt] M[artial]
29 01 1847, Drunk when on Stable Guard, 4 days Cells
21 06 1847, Drunk and absent from Watchsetting, 5 day Def[aulter]s Room
30 03 1848, Drunk for Picquet, 10 days Drill and conf[ined] to Barracks
"True Extract" Geo. Paget Lieut. Colonel, Comm. 4th Light Dragoons.
EMBARKATIONS: 26 05 1825 England
10 11 1841 Mary Bombay India
December 1853: Sea Park [Ireland/England to Australia]
DISEMBARKATIONS:01 10 1825 Bombay India
12 03 1842 Mary Gravesend England
CAMPAIGNS:1st Afghan War
DISCHARGED:02 11 1848 Athlone
ADMITTED TO OUT PENSION:09 01 1849 West Australia [Clonmel crossed out]
REGIMENTAL BOARDAthlone Barracks 2nd November 1848
Proceedings of a Regimental Board, held this day, in conformity to the Articles of War, for the purpose of verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge of No. 220 Patrick Dunn [Private] of the Regiment above-mentioned [4LD].
President: Captain Low, 4th Light Dragoons
Members: Captain B[arrow] and Lieut. Warde
The Board having examined and compared the Regimental Records, the Soldier's Book, and such other Documents as appeared to them to be necessary, report that Patrick Dunn by Trade a Servant was born in the Parish of Newtown in or near the Town of Wicklow in the County of Wicklow and was attested for the 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons at Dublin in the County of Dublin on the 21st July 1824 at the Age of 19 years that after making every Deduction required by Her Majesty's Regulations, the Service up to this day, which he is entitled to reckon, amounts to 24 years 41 days, as shewn by the detailed Statement on the 2nd page; during which period, he served Abroad 16 years viz:
In East Indies 16 years;
Served in Campaign in Scinde and Affghanistan in 1839
And further, that his Discharge is proposed in consequence of Medical Disability per Authority dated Adjutant General's Office Dublin 26th October 1848.
Private Patrick Dunn being asked to what date he has been paid, answered that his Account is balanced up to the latest period required by the Regulations; and being further asked whether he has any claim on the Regiment for Arrears of Pay, Allowances, or Clothing, answered, that he has received all just demands, from his entry into the Service up to the 2nd November 1848 and in confirmation therefore, affixes his signature hereto. [Signed Patrick Dunn]
Witnessed by J.H.T. Warde, Lieut. Commanding the Troop to which he belongs.
The Board have ascertained that Private Patrick Dunn Soldier's Book is correctly balanced, and signed by the Officer Commanding his Company, and they declare, that they have impartially enquired into, and faithfully reported upon all the matters brought before them, in accordance with the Regulations and Instructions issued by Her Majesty's Orders.
Signed by Alex. Low, Capt. 4th Lt. Dragoons, President;
F.W. _a__nlan_, 4th Lt. Dragoons, and ____, J.H.T. Warde, Lieut. Members.
MEDICAL REASON:Private Patrick Dunne 4th light Drags. ___ 43 has been upwards of twenty four years in the Service and was in India with the Regt. [several] years, during which time he suffered from the various diseases common to tropical climates, viz. Fever, Dysentery, and Rheumatism - which latter complaint has continued in a chronic form to incapable of performing his duties. Little or no permanent benefit having been derived from treatments, and taking into consideration his length of service, I consider him a fit subject to be brought forward for discharge.
J.S. Graves, Surgeon [4th] Drags.
Opinion of the Principal Medical Officer at Dublin 1[2] Dec 1848:
Pte Patrick Dunn was this day examined by a Medical Board of which I was President and found unfit for further Service from Chronic Rheumatism.
D. Scott, Staff Surgeon ___
Adjutant General's Office, Dublin 18 Dec 1848.
The Discharge of the Man above mentioned is approved by the Lt. General Commanding, __ C___ __
Detailed Medical Report
On the Case of No. 220, Pte. Patrick Dunn, 4th Lt. Dns., Athlone 2nd Nov. 1848
1. Name, Patrick Dunn
2. Age, 43 years
3. Total Service, 24 years 41 days.
     Of which in the East Indies, 16 years
4. Nature of disability, Chronic Rheumatism & impaired constitution
5. When first apparent? In Sept 1848
6. Where then stationed? At Waterford
7. To which cause is it attributable? Long Service, and Climate of India
8. Has it been aggravated by vice or misconduct? No
9. How often and for what length of time on each occasion has he been in Hospital since the disability became apparent?
     Has had but little Hospital treatent in [Hospital crossed out] this Country, having endeavoured to continue at his duty to      the last.
10. In what respects does it disqualify him for Military duty? Rendering him unfit for the active duties of a Cavalry soldier.
11. What was his trade of calling before he entered the Service? Servant
STATEMENT OF SERVICE:4th Lt. Dragoons, Private from 20 07 1824 to 31 12 1828, total service 4 years, 165 days
4th Lt. Dragoons, Private from 01 01 1829 to 09 11 1844, total service 15 years 314 days
Tried and sentenced by a District Court Martial on 18 aa 1844 to an Imprisonment of Four Lunar Months, the first and fourth solitary, 52 days Imprisonment remitted, total service Nil
Imprisoned, Private, from 10 11 1844 to 15 01 1845, total service Nil
Released, Private, from 16 01 1845 to 02 11 1848, total service 3 years 29 days.
PENSION DISTRICT:1849: West Australia
1865: West Australia
CHARACTER:With regard to the Character and Conduct of Private Patrick Dunn the Board have to report, that upon reference to the Defaulter's Book, and by the Parole testimony that has been given, it appears that of a good soldier. Although he was tried by District Court Martial on the 18th November 1844 for having been Drunk on duty, and sentenced to four Lunar Months imprisonment.
Further Service from 03 11 1848 to the 18 12 1848 when finally discharged, total service 24 years 41 days
Total Service allowed to reckon to the day of final discharge, 46 days
Total Service 24 years 87 days.
The foregoing Report is hereby confirmed by me, Geo. Paget, Lieut. Col. Commanding 4th Regt. of Lt. Dragoons.
DIED:17 07 1870
TNA SOURCES:WO/12/636-637

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