SURNAME:Frederick also recorded as Fredericks, Fredrick and Fredricks
AT:Newlin New York
Also recorded as`born at Ft Thomas in the Wt Indies'
FATHER:Thomas Frederick, Ship Carpenter
ATTESTED:18 Oct 1814 aged 23 years at Dublin
Witness my Hand x Thos Frederick His Mark
Wm Morris Sergt, Witness present
The above-named Recruit stated that he enlisted himself on the 17th Day of October 1814 and received in my Presence the Sum of Ten Shillings and Sixpence on being attested.
M___ Jinkin, Signature of the Magistrate
I have exemined the above-named Recruit, and find him fit for His Majesty's Service.
Thos Hickson As. Surg. 4th Drags
DESCRIPTION AT DISCHARGE:Black hair, Black eyes, Black complexion, 46 years
TROOP NO:Dec 1821: Troop 7
1822: Troop 3
Jan 1824: Troop 4
Jan 1826: Troop 4
1831: Troop 4
TROOP CAPTAIN:1831: Captain John Baker Spooner
RANK:1821-1824: Trumpeter
1826: Trumpeter
1831: Trumpeter
1833: Trumpeter, Private
1834: Private
1838: Private
PROMOTIONS:To Trumpeter 17 Oct 1814
REDUCTIONS: Trumpeter to Private 17 or 18 Mar 1833
EMBARKATIONS: 31 Dec 1821 Dunira Gravesend England
DISEMBARKATIONS:16 May 1822 Dunira Bombay India
17 May 1838 Duke of Bedford? Gravesend England
INVALIDED:08 Jan 1838
REGIMENTAL BOARD: Proceedings of a Regimental Board held in conformity to the Articles of War, for the purpose of verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge of Thomas Frederick, No 54, Private in the 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons.
President Lieut. Colonel Scott
Members Captain Parlby and Captain L. Keith Jackson Bart.
Thomas Frederick appeared, and the Board having personally examined and compared the Regimental Records, the Soldier's Book, and other documents, report that...
Service which he is entitled to reckon, after making every deduction required by His Majesty's Regulations up to the 31st October 1837 is 30 years and 284 days...
Pay and Clothing: Thomas Frederick being asked up to what period he has been paid, answered that his account was balanced up to the end of the present Month, being further asked whether he has any other claim on the Regiment for Arrears of Pay, Allowances, or Clothing, answered, that he has no unsatisfied claim whatever.
The Board have verified that his Soldier's Book is correctly balanced, and signed by the Officer Commanding his Company, and they further declare that they have impartially enquied into, and faithfully reported their Opinion on all the matters brought before them, in accordance with the Regulations and Instructions issued by His Majesty's Orders.
J. Scott, Lieut. Col. President
Members W. Parlby, Captain and Keith R. Jackson, Captain
He has received all just Demands from his Entry into the Service, up to the 31 Oct 1837 [signed] x Thomas Frederick his mark
Certified Wm W W Humbley, Lt.
I certify that the foregoing Statements are correct, Extracts from the Regimental Records, and the Proceedings of the Regimental Board.
J. Scott, Lieut. Colonel and President
Confirmed by me W. Fendall, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding
MEDICAL REASON:According to the Surgeon's report annexed it appears that this is a case of disease or disability contracted on duty without being attributed to neglect, design, vice or intemperence and the Regimental Board approves of the opinion of the Surgeon as it is shewn by the proceedings of the Board hereto annexed.
This is to Certify that private Thomas Frederick 4th QO Light Dragoons aged 45 arrived in India with the Regiment 12th May 1822 that he has Inquineal Hernia right side which was caused by his horse rearing and bringing him forcibly against his drum while on duty in the field on the morning of the 24th April last and the affect of which he asserts prevents his riding but does not interfere with foot duties. He is therefore unfit to continue a dragoon.
D. Perston, Surgeon, 4th QO Light Dragoons
Kirkee 23rd October 1837
Opinion of the Principal Medical Officer, at Chatham, May 21 1838. After examination at this General Hospital I am of opinion that Thomas Frederick is unfit for service and is likely to be permanently incapacitated for military cav[alr]y Duty, and I approve of the opinion of the Surgeon.
J Davy A.J.H.
Horse Guards 13 Jun 1838
Confirmed W_ [Cuchnane]
STATEMENT OF SERVICE:After the age of 18 years, which he is entitled to reckon up to the 31 October 1837 is 32 years 284 days.
Trumpeter: 17 Oct 1814 - 19 Mar 1833 - 18 years 153 days
Private: 19 Mar 1833 - 31 Oct 1837 - 4 years 227 days
East Indies: 12 May 1822 - 31 Oct 1837 - 7 years 269 days
Served Fifteen years in the East Indies
Total service to 31 Oct 1837: 30 years 284 days
Further service from 1 Nov 1837 - 13 Jun 1838 when finally discharged: 225 days
Total service allowed to reckon to the day of final discharge: 31 years 144 days.
CHARACTER:The Officers composing the Regimental Board having examined the Defaulter's Board, and received parole testimony from Lieut. & Adjutant Lloyd are of opinion that his general conduct has been that of a good and efficient soldier, seldom in Hospital, trustworthy and sober
POST DISCHARGE OCCUPATION[S]: `Gone a voyage to New So. Wales' Very faint note in WO/120
DIED:21 Jan 1851, 6 Flora Buildings, St Andrews, Plymouth, Devon aged c56 years, Chelsea Out-Pensioner
CAUSE OF DEATH:Ulcer of the mouth, 4 months; Gangrene, 14 days.
INFORMANT:The mark of Eliza Frederick, present at death
REGISTERED:23 Jan 1851, Registrar James Wyatt
1st WIFE:Sarah
DIED:September 1826 Kaira India aged 28 years
Buried: 20 Sep 1826 Kaira India. Officiating Minister Charles Jackson, Chaplain
NOTES:To India on Dunira 1821-1822
Wife of Trumpeter Thomas Frederick 4LD
1st CHILD:Thomas Frederick
BAPTISED:02 Jun 1816 Barrack Chapel Kilcommon, Cahir, Church of Ireland by John Wallace, Vicar of Cahir.
Witnesses Charles Denis, Margaret Eastwood and [Henry] Hayes
MARRIED:23 May 1838, Sarah Leeks, Spinster, at Kirkee after banns by Chaplain Ambrose Goode.
Witnesses Samuel and Harriett Taylor.
DIED:1870 Sewri Bombay India
NOTES:Son of Trumpeter Thomas Frederick 4LD and Sarah Frederick
To India on Dunira 1821-1822
Enlisted 4LD in 1837, No 915.
Also served in 14th Light Dragoons and 6th Dragoons
2nd CHILD:Robert Frederick
BORN:c1823 Kaira India
BAPTISED:02 Jul 1823 Kaira India. Officiating Minister Samuel Payne, Chaplain
BURIED:04 Jan 1824 Kaira India aged 5 months. Officiating Minister Samuel Payne, Chaplain
NOTES:Son of Thomas Frederick Trumpeter 4LD and Sarah
3rd CHILD:Jane Fredrick
BORN:c1824 Kaira India
BAPTISED:28 Aug 1824 [Privately] and 02 Sep 1824 Kaira India. Officiating Minister Ambrose Goode, Chaplain
BURIED:05 Oct 1824 Kaira India aged one month. Officiating Minister Ambrose Goode, Chaplain
NOTES:Daughter of Thomas Fredrick Trumpeter 4LD and Sarah
2nd WIFE:Eliza Davis, daughter of John Davis, Gardener
BORN:c1819 Devon or Wiltshire
MARRIED:26 Jul 1842 St Luke Chelsea, Middlesex after banns by [G Blames] Curate.
Witnesses Thomas Davis and Jane Long x her mark
Thomas Frederick, of full age, Bachelor, Pensioner, 4 Turks Row, Chelsea
Eliza Davis, of full age, Spinster, 4 Turks Row, Chelsea
DIED:1Q 1909 Devonport aged 89 years
NOTES:Informant on death certificate of Thomas Frederick, present at death, 6 Flora Buildings, Plymouth, 23 Jan 1851
Eliza remarried in 3Q 1857 at Plymouth.
Her second husband was Peter Santillo, a Royal Navy musician from Sicily.
Peter died 3Q 1865 at Stoke Damerel.
4th CHILD:Edward Frederick
BORN:1Q 1840 Medway
NOTES:Mother's maiden name Davis
5th CHILD:Eliza Frederick
BORN:04 May 1842 St Luke Chelsea
BAPTISED:15 Jul 1842 Upper Chelsea, Middlesex, by Richd Burgess
DIED:Nov 1843 aged 18 months, Turks Row
BURIED:15 Nov 1843 St Luke Chelsea, by J De [Lasaur] Simmonds
NOTES:Daughter of Thomas Fredericks, Pensioner, and Eliza Fredericks, 4 Turks Row
Mother's maiden name Davis
6th CHILD:Martha Frederick
BORN:3Q 1846 St Luke Chelsea
BAPTISED:17 Sep 1846, St Judes, Upper Chelsea, Middlesex by _ Patterson, Incumbant
MARRIED:1Q 1869 William Henderson, a Colour Sergeant in the Royal Marines, at Stoke Damerel
NOTES:Daughter of Thomas Fredericks, Pension, and Eliza Fredericks, 18 Royal Hospital Row
Mother's maiden name Davis
1851 CENSUS:Schedule 358
15 Eldad Place, St Andrews, Plymouth, Devon
Eliza Frederick, Head, Widow, 33, Stonehouse Devon
Martha Frederick, Dau, 4, London
Edward Frederick, Son, 11, Kent Chatham
1861 CENSUS:Schedule 336
25 Quarry Street, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon
Peter Santillo, Head, Mar, 65, Musician, Sicily British Subject
Eliza Santillo, Wife, Mar, 42, Devonport Devon
Martha Santillo, Dau, Unm, 17, Devonport Devon
La___zer Santillo, Dau, Unm, 7, Scholar, Devonport Devon
Edward Santillo, Son, Unm, 2, Scholar, Devonport Devon
Thomas O'leary, Lodger, Unm, 22, Seaman Ret[ired], Ireland
Elizabeth Robbins, Lodger, Unm, 18, Devon Horrabridge
Mary J Targl__, Lodger, Unm, 24, Cornwell Camborne
Louisa Harris, Lodger, Unm, 23, Devon, Devonport
Elizabeth Watts, Lodger, Unm, 22, Devon, Bovey Tracey
Barney Calley, Lodger, Unm, 24, Seaman Ret[ired], Devon Devonport
James Smale, Lodger, Unm, 22, Seaman Ret[ired], Hants Portsea
William James, Lodger, Unm, 25, Seaman Ret[ired], Kent Sheerness
1871 CENSUS:Schedule 47 & 48
13 Prince's Street opo, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon
Martha Anderson, Wife, Mar, 26, Dressmaker, London
Eliza Santillo, Head, W, 52, Mangle Woman, Ealstone Wiltshire
Louisa Santillo, Dau, Unm, 17, Dressmaker, Devon, Plymouth
Edward Santillo, Son, 12, Scholar, Devon Plymouth
1881 CENSUS:Schedule 278-279
31 Granby Street, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon
Eliza Santillo, Head, W, 68, Parochial Relief, Wiltshire Calne
Martha Henderson, Wife, Mar, 34, Mariner's Wife [crossed out], London Chelsea
1891 CENSUS:Schedule 228
33 Albert Road, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon
William Henderson, Head, Mar, 46, Pensioner RMLI, Glamorgan Cardiff
Martha Henderson, Mar, 46, London Chelsea
Eliza Santillo, Wid, 72, Nil, Wilts Calstone
1901 CENSUS:Schedule 121
33 Albert Road, Devonport, Devon
William Henderson, Head, Mar, 58, Retired Colour Sergeant, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Martha Henderson, Mar, 58, London Chelsea
Eliza S Henderson, M-in-Law, Wid, 82, Wiltshire Salisbury
WO/97/50/41 WO/120/52
OTHER SOURCES:John Ellis, Joe Walsh

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