AT:Isleworth Middlesex
FATHER:Rev. Edward Scott, D.D. of Worton Hall, Isleworth
NOTES:Gentleman of London
EDUCATION:Under Rev. Thomas Horne at Chiswick
COMMISSIONED:Cornet 4LD 28 12 1826 by purchase vice Edward Harvey promoted
APPOINTED: Cornet 4LD 28 12 1826
Lieutenant 4LD 08 06 1830 by purchase vice George Weston promoted
Captain 4LD 31 08 1838 vice E. Grant retired
BREVET:Captain, 8th Light Dragoons, to be Major in the Army, 11 11 1851
TROOP NO: Feb 1827: Depot Troop
1831: Troop 3
09 09 1836: Depot Troop, joined [from India]
2Q 1839: Depot Troop
TROOP CAPTAIN:1831: Captain Edward Byne
NOTES:On leave until 09 03 1827
EMBARKATIONS: 25 06 1827 London [embarked]
06 07 1827 Neptune London, [sailed] commanded by Captain J. Cumberlege
__ __ 1836? Bombay India
16 03 1839 England [Lieutenant]
06 11 1841 Repulse Bombay India
DISEMBARKATIONS: 26 10 1827 Neptune Bombay India
cSep 1836 England
10 07 1839 Bombay India [Lieutenant]
28 03 1842 Repulse Gravesend England
COURT MARTIAL TESTIMONY:Testimony in the General Court Martial of Lieutenant William Augustine Hyder, 10th Royal Hussars, on the prosecution of Lieutenant Colonel John Vandeleur, 10th Royal Hussars, held before the Duke of Wellington in Leeds in September 1845.
A number of officers who served with Hyder in the 4th Light Dragoons in India were called to give testimony, including Edward Scott:
The charge against Hyder was:
`For conduct unbecoming the character of an Officer and a Gentleman:
For that you, the said Lt. William Augustine Hyder, being quartered with your Regiment at Ballincollig, did, on or about the 17th day of October, in the year 1842, at Inchera, near Cork, and with intent to deceive your Commanding Officer Colonel Vandeleur, endeavour to prevail on Sylvester Oliver, Esquire, to lend you a horse to remain for two months at Ballincollig aforesaid, as your second charger, you the said Lt. Hyder, proposing at the same time to the said Sylvester Oliver Esquire, that no one should, during such two months, get on the said horse.'

Captain Edward Scott, Half-pay of the 4LD, was sworn, and the charge read to him.
Q. Did I join the 4LD under you at Maidstone, in September, 1838, go out with you to India, and on arrived there was I placed in your Troop?
A: Yes.
Q: How did I do my duty as an Officer?
A: As well as the generality of young men of your standing.
Q: Do you consider me a man of honour and integrity?
A: I don't know anything to the contrary.
Q: Do you think me capable of the act with which I am charged?
A: No, I don't think you are. I think you have been too long in the service to commit so foolish and so wilful or wrong an act as to attempt to deceive your Commanding Officer.
The Prosecutor said he had no questions to put.
The President: Have you any more evidence to call as to character?
The Prisoner: Only one, Sir.
The President: Then we will adjourn the Court for a quarter of an hour.

[Hyder was ultimately acquitted]
RETIRED:On 17 09 1857 vice George G. Clowes, Lieutenant 8th Light Dragoons, to be Captain by purchase
HALF-PAY: From Captain 4LD to Half Pay 1842
From Captain Half Pay 4LD to Captain 8th Light Dragoons 17 09 1857
Lieutenant-Colonel, 3rd Battalion, Kent Rifle Volunteers 16 08 1860
Commanded the Volunteers until his death in 1868
POST DISCHARGE OCCUPATION[S]:The Priory, Maidstone, Kent
Conservative Member of Parliament, first returned for Maidstone in April 1857
CLUBS:Army and Navy and Junior United Service
DIED:05 10 1868 at The Priory, Maidstone, Kent
NOTES:Reference found to a Manuscript Journal of Edward Scott, 4LD, 1827 in the Kinross Papers held by
the National Library of Scotland: http://www.nls.uk/catalogues/online/cnmi/inventories/acc7638.pdf
1ST WIFE:Elizabeth Day, only child of John Day Esq., M.D.
MARRIED:14 06 1843 at All Saints Maidstone, Kent
1ST CHILD: Jennette Elizabeth Scott Scott
BAPTISED:15 08 1844 at Maidstone, Kent
MARRIED:Howell Howell 2Q 1864 at Maidstone, Kent
NOTES:Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Scott
2ND CHILD: Edith Mary Scott
BAPTISED:18 10 1848 at Maidstone, Kent
NOTES:Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Scott
3RD CHILD: Walter Edward Patrick Scott
BORN:17 03 1851 at Maidstone, Kent
NOTES:Son of Captain Scott and his Lady
4TH CHILD: Dalkeith Martin Scott
BORN:12 05 1854 at Upper Stone Street Maidstone, Kent
MARRIED:Amy Elizabeth Timins, eldest daughter of the late Captain Octavius Frederick Timins, HM 82nd Regiment,
of Tunbridge Wells, at Holy Trinity Tunbridge Wells, on 14 08 1886.
Rev. Canon Hoare, vicar; Rev. J.M. Timins, vicar of West Malling, and Rev. Howell Howell, rector of Blana, officiating
DIED:4Q 1899 at Llanelly aged 45 years
NOTES:Son of Captain Scott and his Lady
Captain 2nd Brigade, Northern Division, Royal Artillery, 1886
Durham Artillery, promoted from sub-Lieutenant to Lieutenant on 19 09 1876
Chief officer of the Llanelly Fire Service from 1887-1899.
After Dalkeith's death, in 1917 Amy was living at 47 Rivers Street, Bath
Their son Charles Dalkeith-Scott, Lieutenant, Canadian 1AF attached to Royal Flying Corps, 70th Squadron,
was killed in aerial combat on 30 09 1917 aged 28 years.
Charles was buried at the Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
1851 CENSUS: Ref. HO107/1617
Kent, Maidstone, West Maidstone, District 1q
Schedule 48, 7 Upper Stone Street
Edward Scott, Head, Mar, 44, Captain [Army] Half Pay, Middlesex Isleworth
Elizabeth Scott, Wife, Mar, 33, Kent Maidstone
Janet E S Scott, Daur, Unm, 6, Kent Maidstone
Edith M Scott, Daur, Unm, 2, Kent Maidstone
Not Decided Scott, Son, Unm, Under 1 month, Kent Maidstone
Susan Gibbs, Servant, Widow, 29, General Servant, Kent Ryard
Matilda Verrall, Servant, Unm, 21, Nurse Maidm Kent Marden
Rebecca Hickmo[th], Servant, Widow, 65, Monthly Nurse, Kent Hunton
1861 CENSUS: Ref. RG9/500
Kent, Maidstone, West Maidstone, District 7
Schedule 87, The Priory
Edward Scott, Head, Mar, 53, Major, Army Retired, Middlesex Isleworth
Elizth Scott, Wife, Mar, 43, Kent Maidstone
Edith M Scott, Daur, Unm, 12, Kent Maidstone
Walter E P Scott, Son, Unm, 10, Scholar, Kent Maidstone
Dalkeith M Scott, Son, 6, Scholar, Kent Maidstone
Louisa M Power, Servt, Unm, 21, Governess, Cumberland Keswick
Margt Ashenden, Servt, Unm, 68, Housekeeper, Kent, Isle of Thanet
Lydia Henham, Servt, Unm, 67, Cook, Kent Yalding
Mary A Williard, Servt, Unm, 25, Housemaid, Kent Maidstone
Charlotte Mason, Servt, Unm, 17, Housemaid, Kent Hollingbourne
Lilly L Sangar, Visitor, Unm, 13, Middlesex Euston Sq
1871 CENSUS: Ref. RG10/941
Kent, Maidstone, West Maidstone, District 7
Schedule 29, The Priory
Elizabeth Scott, Head, W, 55, Landowner, Kent Maidstone
Edith M Scott, Daur, Unm, 22, Kent Maidstone
Mary A Martin, Cook, Unm, 22, Domestic Servt, Kent Woolwich
Ellen Birch, Servt, Unm, 17, Domestic Servt, Kent Cranbrook
Ann Wickins, Servt, Unm, 16, Domestic Servt, Kent Hunton
Charles Rose, Groom, Unm, 68, Domestic Servt, Kent Hockbury
1881 CENSUS: Ref. RG11/913
Kent, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, District 8
Schedule 2, 2 Cumberland Walk
Elizabeth Scott, Head, W, 60, Officer's Widow, Maidstone Kent
Dalkeith M Scott, Son, Unm, 27, Captain in the Militia, Maidstone Kent
Caroline Coleman, Serv, Unm, 64, Cook Domestic, Wrotham Kent
Sarah Ann Parker, Serv, Unm, 24, Parlour Maid Domestic, Brenchley Kent
Benjamin Holland, Serv, Unm, [20], Groom and Gardener Domestic, [Heathfield] Surrey
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No. 18688, 08 06 1830
No. 22041, 18 09 1857
No. 22415, 21 08 1860
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LINKS: http://books.google.co.nz/books?id=RXwDAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false
www.veterans.gc.ca Veterans' Affairs Canada

Letters from Edward Scott 4LD to his sister Mary Scott


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