The following are extracted from Letter Books held at the National Archives, Kew.
They consist of letters written from the Commander in Chief's Department to Regimental Officers,
in this case, only those concerning the 4th Light Dragoons.

They offer an interesting view of the workings of the regimental system at this time,
including the Regiment's posting in Ireland, and the Crimean War.

The letters give an idea of what tasks occupied regimental officers on a day-to-day basis,
throwing additional light on all manner of decisions made by the regiment.
Added to this, there are many issues concerning NCOs and Rank and File,
and there are also details of few scandals and regimental spats.

REFERENCE            DESCRIPTION                                                                                        DATES COVERED        
WO 3/480 - WO 3/509 Office of the Commander in Chief: Out-Letters to Regimental Officers July 1847 - November 1857
. INDEX to 4th Light Dragoons in Letters to Regimental Officers .
WO 35/28 - WO 35/31 Adjutant General's Office Letter Books: Out-Letters: DAG of the Forces in Ireland June 1839 - October 1866

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