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ABRAHAM, Richard Slingsby

Page 1032 & 1171

Page 1032, Pahiatua:
Abraham and Williams, Auctioneers, Mangahao Road, Pahiatiua. Head Office, Palmerston North. This is a branch of Messrs. Abraham and Williams's business at Palmerston North. The saleyards are situated about a quarter of a mile from the Pahiatua Railway Station, and regular sales of cattle and sheep are held.

Page 1171, Palmerston North:
Abraham and Williams, [Richard Slingsby Abraham and Alick Williams], Stock and Land Auctioneers: Chief office and yards, Rangitikei Street, Pamerston North. Branches, Pahiatua and Levin. Cable and telegraphic address, "Abraham, Palmerston North." Telephone 43; P.O. Box 67. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. F. L. Jackson, son of Mr. Freeman Jackson, of Wanganui, is the auctioneer of the firm. The Palmerston North offices and yards are situated in Rangitikei Street, and were specially designed and built for the business. The yards were planned by Mr. L. G. West, architect, and built by Mr. W. Watts, builder, of Feilding. They are constructed on the circular principle, and so adapted that the stock are returned after being sold to their own pen without any confusion arising. The yards and offices occupy about two-and-a-half acres of land. Accommodation is available for 24000 sheep and from 800 to 1000 head of cattle. The sales are held every Thursday, and horse sales each Saturday. Messrs. Abraham and Williams have also yards at: -

Colyton providing for 8000 sheep, 800 cattle, sales monthly
Pahiatua providing for 5000 sheep, 400 cattle, sales alternate Tuesdays
Awahuri providing for 8000 sheep, 300 cattle, sales bi-monthly
Woodville providing for 4000 sheep, 250 cattle, sales monthly
Levin providing for 1000 sheep, 250 cattle, sales monthly
Shannon providing for 2000 sheep, 100 cattle, sales stated periods
Foxton providing for 2000 sheep, 100 cattle, sales stated periods
Otaki providing for 2000 sheep, 100 cattle, sales stated periods
Pohangina providing for 2000 sheep, 100 cattle, sales stated periods

In addition to these regular sales, Messrs. Abraham and Williams hold an annual ewe fair [for sheep only] at Palmerston North about the middle of February, and a ram fair under the auspices of the Manawatu and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Association about the end of January each year. Messrs. Abraham and Williams make liberal advances on stock consigned for sale by auction or private contract, as well as on tallow, wool, and produce. They also negotiate loans on security of real estate, and undertake valuations of land and stock. Messrs. Abraham and Williams are agents for the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, the Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, the Northern Steamship Company, Limited, of Auckland, the Toxa Company, of Dunedin [rabbit and bird poisons], White's sheep dip, Peacock's lung-worm specific, Muir's Zealandia and Cockatoo wool press etc., etc.

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