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Acheson-Gray, Arthur: Farmer, Ashurst. Mr Acheson-Gray possesses what may be regarded as one of the prettiest little properties in the Ashurst district. `Waiwiri' as Mr Gray calls his place, is situated on the road leading from Ashurst to Feilding. And when the present owner has completed his improvements the farm will be a really beautiful place. At the present time, extensive alterations are being made in the house, which is being transformed into a most picturesque homestead. On the property is a fine greenhouse, and the garden [in which Mr Gray takes great interest] is being planted with choice and valuable trees. Born in the old cathdral city of Winchester, in the year 1874, Mr Acheson-Gray received his education at Reading, Rochester College, and completed his studies at Malvern College. In 1890 he came to New Zealand by the `Tongariro' and, having resolved to adopt pastoral pursuits, proceeded to the Colyton district for the purpose of acquiring colonial experience. He afterwards purchased two sections in the Harbour Board Block, which are now leased. Waiwiri consists of some 310 acres, all good ploughable land, and carries some 1000 crossbred sheep, and a good number of cattle. Mr Gray breeds all his own riding horses. At school Mr Gray was noted as a good mile runner, and succeeded in carrying off a large number of trophies. In 1895 he was captain of the Feilding Association Football Club, and is one of the committee, and also a steward of the Ashurst-Pohangina Jockey Club.

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