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Adamson, Thomas: Sheep farmer, Ngaurukehu, Moawhango. Mr Adamson passed his early years at Wanganui, where he was born in 1847. Visiting Otago on the breaking-out of the goldfields, he soon found his way to Auckland, where he joined the Militia at the age of fifteen, under Captain Roberts. He was afterwards in the Land Transport Corps and in the Forest Rangers, on the East Coast, under Major Brassey, and in an expedition to the Urewera Country. Mr Adamson was one of the expeditionary force under Colonel McDonnell, which took part against Titokowaru, and he afterwards joined Colonel Whitmore's forces as a scout, in which capacity he was more or less engaged during this war. He took part in no less than 45 pitched battles, receiving the Victoria Cross for his bravery in carrying his wounded mate out of reach of the enemy's fire, while suffering personally from four bullet wounds. He also received the New Zealand war medal.

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