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ANYON, George

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Anyon, George. Baker, Confectioner and General Storekeeper, Land and Insurance Agent, Kimbolton Road, Birmingham. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr Anyon is an Englishman by birth, and came to New Zealand in 1884, per `SS Aorangi,' arriving in Wellington. He was brought up to mercantile life, and for five years after settling in New Zealand, resided in Ashurst. He established the present business in 1890. His trade extends throughout the large district of which Birmingham is the natural centre. He employs seven horses and two carts, a great deal of the goods having to be packed to the various settlers. Mr Anyon is agent for the Feilding Star and Manawatu Times, Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, Mr H L Sherwill, licensed land broker, and Mr W A Sandilands, solicitor, both of Feilding. Mr Anyon is a member of the Order of Druids, and also a Mason. He is a prominent member of the Wesleyan Church, and has been largely instrumental in the establishment of the cause in Birmingham. He holds the office of local preacher in connection with that body.

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