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APLIN, Christopher

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Aplin, Christopher, Settler, Crofton. For nearly thirty years the subject of this sketch has been a resident in this pleasant little valley. He was born in 1844 at Lime Regis, Dorsetshire, England, and was brought up to farming pursuits. Entering the service of District Judge Ward, he accompanied that gentleman to Wellington in 1863 per ship `Asterope,' and remained in his employ for about two years after arrival. Two years later Mr Aplin commenced dairy farming in Crofton, having purchased seventy-five acres of land - largely a bush clearing. This property has been transformed into a well-ploughed and grassed farm, almost the whole of the stumps have been extracted. One hundred acres of leasehold have been added to the property, and the estate is now worked by Mr Aplin's sons, the comfortable homestead situated on a sunny knoll being alone retained. As a public man he has served for about three years as a member of the Onslow Borough Council, in which body he still holds a seat. In 1862 Mr Aplin was married to a daughter of Mr George Hallson, of Dorsetshire, master blacksmith, and has seven sons and one daughter.

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