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Mr. Robert E. Bannister, President of the New Zealand Poultry, Pigeon and Canary Association, and Hon. Secretary of the Wellington Poultry, Pigeon and Canary Society, claims the Empire City as his birthplace. Born in 1835 and educated at the late Mr. Holmes' and the late Mr. William Finnimore's schools, he served an apprenticeship of six years in the New Zealand Times Printing Office. On the completion of his term, Mr Bannister was promoted to the position of publisher, which he held for two years. In 1875 he joined the Evening Post in a similar capacity, and he has continually performed the duties up to the present time, which is practically that of manager of the commercial department of that well-conducted journal. It is not surprising that Mr. Bannister should have early developed a liking for fancy, seeing his father, the late E. Bannister, of Woodlawn, Johnsonville, had always a dairy farm on which the rearing of choice fowls has been a speciality. The subject of this notice has been connected with the Wellington Society since its infancy, and he is the founder of the New Zealand Association, which has made such an excellent beginning.

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