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Bartholomew, Peter, Timber Merchant, Wereroa Steam Sawmills, Wereroa, Levin. Telegraphic address: `Bartholomew, Levin.' Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Private residence, Levin. Agents, Stewart and Co., Wellington. These large mills were erected under the direction of the proprietor in 1887. The main building is a fine two-story structure of wood and iron, containing ample accommodation for conducting the large trade done by the owner. Two large boilers, made by Mr. Seagar, of Wellington, are used to generate the steam, two engines each of thirty-horse-power nominal having been made by Messrs. Haigh and Co., of London. The plant is of the most complete and modern type: there is a large travelling circular saw bench, besides machinery of divers kinds. Mr. Bartholomew has imported a very useful band-saw, specially adapted for heavy work. About forty-five hands are employed at the Wereroa Steam Sawmills, and a large quantity of timber is shipped to all parts of the Colony. Mr. Bartholomew came from the `Land o' Cakes,' having been born in Stirlingshire. He embarked per good ship `Wansfall,' for Queensland in 1862. Five years later, attracted by the news from the West Coast goldfields, he crossed the Tasman Sea, intending to go to Hokitika, but the weather proved unpropitious, he landed at Nelson. Coming on to Wellington, Mr. Bartholomew entered into the timber trade, and has been associated with the industry since that time. He has been in business in Palmerston North, Feilding, Halcombe and Ashurst, finally locating in Wereroa as above.

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