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Mr. Henry Bentley

Bentley, Henry, Settler, Masterton. Born in Scotland in 1819. Mr. Bentley came to Wellington - an A.B. on the ship `Lord William Bentinck' - arriving on the 19th of May, 1841. With five companions he ran away from the vessel, being subsequently arrested as a deserter, and discharged on promising to join a coasting vessel. Soon after arrival in Wellington, he entered the Wellington Customhouse. After the Wairau massacre, Mr. Bentley left the Government brig `Victoria,' on which he had worked for some time. Subsequently he served in the militia, and afterwards joined the armed constabulary, serving against the notorious rebel chiefs Rauparaha and Rangihaeata. Settling at Karori, Mr. Bentley remained till 1853, when he visited the Australian goldfields, from which he speedily returned, and selected land at Masterton. In 1855 he took his wife and family to their new home, then in the bush. During the Maori scare that followed, Mr. Bentley served as lieutenant in the volunteers. For over forty years he has been identified for every movement for advancement of the district. Some years ago Mr. Bentley was tempted to go into an extensive business speculation, which turned out unfortunately, and since that time he has lived a quiet life.

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