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BENTON, William

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Benton, William, Builder, Contractor and Undertaker, Revans Street, Featherston. Telegraphic address, "Benton, Featherston." Mr. Benton was born in Wellington, and established himself as above in Featherston in 1879. His workshops are large and conveniently fitted, the machinery comprising a universal wood-worker, band saws, circular saws, mortising machines, etc. The power for these is derived from a six-horse-power horizontal steam-engine. Mr. Benton is much respected by the people of Featherston, and consequently does a large trade. He is the favourite undertaker for the district and does all the best work in that line. He is one of a syndicate of three who are the patentees of a reversible window known as Coose's patent. This cleverly designed and useful window has been patented all the world over, at a cost of over 200. It is said to be far ahead of anything of the kind that has yet been attempted, and certainly the model submitted to the writer's inspection was indeed wonderfully perfect. Though so easily reversible, the sashes are rain and dust proof, and as strong as ordinary windows. The convenience with which these windows can be cleaned, and their security against dust, rain, and burglars, should make them a favourite window. A most extensive sale is anticipated. Architects who are alive to the interests of their clients are already specifying them for new buildings. Mr. Benton is a member of the town board of Featherston, and secretary of the Featherston district Rifle Club. He is a good marksman, and always does well at the meetings. He was formerly lieutenant of the Featherston Rifles.

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