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BUNNY, Arthur Rigby

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Mr. Arthur Rigby Bunny, the Borough Solicitor, Masterton, who is the second son of the late Mr. Henry Bunny [for many years a member of the House of Representatives], was born in 1846 at Newbury, Berkshire, England. Arriving in Wellington, per ship `Duke of Portland,' in 1854, he was educated at private schools in the capital, and after studying law was admitted on the 20th of January, 1876. Having commenced the practice of his profession in Masterton, Mr. Bunny was appointed solicitor to the Borough Council on its incorporation in 1878, having previously acted in a similar capacity for the local Board of Masterton. Among other solicitorships, Mr. Bunny acts for the Bank of New Zealand, the Masterton Hospital Trustees, the Masterton Trust Lands Trustees, and the Official Assignee in bankruptcy. Mr. Bunny, who is a trustee of the Masterton Park, and of the local cemetery, is ever ready to help forward any deserving object. He resides at `Makoura' in Worksop Road, and has recently purchased `The Taipos' estate of 6617 acres, situated about twenty miles from Masterton, where he carries on sheepfarming on an extensive scale.

Bunny, Arthur Rigby, Barrister and Solicitor, Queen Street. P.O. Box 38. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. London agents, Baker and Nairn, solicitors. Private residence, Worksop Road. Mr. Bunny is a native of Newbury, Berkshire, and arrived in the colony in 1854 with his parents, per ship `Duke of Portland,' from London. His articles, which were completed in December, 1875, were served with Adams and Kingdon, of Nelson. In January, 1876, Mr. Bunny, having passed the stipulated examination, was admitted a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand. He at once selected the Wairarapa and settled in Masterton, establishing himself in business the same year. Mr. Bunny holds quite a number of prominent appointments, among which are the following: - Borough solicitor to Masterton Council, Solicitor to the Deputy Official Assignee, Masterton Trust Lands Trustees, Bank of New Zealand, Masterton Hospital Trustees, and the Government Stock Department for Wairarapa. Mr. Bunny is one of the trustees of the Masterton Public Park, and likewise of the Masterton Cemetery. For some years he has been a director of the Masterton Investment and Building Society, and is the oldest director on the present Board.

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