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Central Club, Limited, Grey Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington, Directors, Messrs. C. A. Knapp [Chairman], John Young, J.P., T. G. Macarthy, J.P., E. Mason, and G. H. Harbroe, J.P.; Secretary and Manager, Mr. A. I. Masters. Telephone 8. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. The Central Club was established about 1880, and has proved a very successful institution. Part of ... the building ... occupied (the billiard-room) ... originally known as the Oddfellows' Hall, serves the purposes of the Club splendidly. There are two entrances, the main one being in Grey Street, and the other in Lambton Quay. Entering the premises at the principal door, there is a handsome vestibule, from which the two rooms devoted to the use of strangers are reached. Handsome doors, fitted with Norton's patent door-checks and springs, lead into the central apartment, known as the billiard-room. This is said to be one of the finest and best-appointed south of the line. It is splendidly lighted from the roof, which is dome-shaped. The tables, two in number, of Allcock's famous make, are kept in fine order. At one end of the room the bar is situated, and here cold lunches and suppers are supplied free to members. The reading room is at the other side, and is liberally supplied with English, Australian and New Zealand literature, including both magazines and papers. The writing-room, a specially snug apartment, is furnished in good style, and is open to members at all times. Well-arranged lavatories are situated within the building. Every room is fittted with electric bells and electric light. The membership is about one hundred and twenty.

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