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CHATFIELD, William Charles

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Chatfield, William Charles, Architect, 26 Lambton Quay, Wellington. Telephone 598. Private residence, Island Bay. Mr. Chatfield, who is the descendant of an old Sussex family, was born at Greatham House, Parham Park, Sussex. He was educated at Brixton, Surrey, and came to the colony in 1867. For the first five years of his life in New Zealand, Mr. Chatfield was engaged in architectural works in Wellington. In 1872 he joined the public service as chief draughtsman and assistant paymaster and engineer in the Engineers' Department, Wellington Province. From this time, till the abolition of the Provincial form of government in 1876, Mr. Chatfield continued to hold these offices, and during the period he designed many of the principal bridges in the district, and was engaged on the Thorndon reclamation and other works. He commenced his present practice in 1876, since which time he has been well-known a a successful architect. Mr. Chatfield has designed and superintended the erection of many substantial and important buildings - the Wellington Opera House, among others - in and around the city and in various parts of New Zealand. Two of the latest may be named; the warehouse of Messrs. E. W. Mills and Co. Ltd., and the offices of the Evening Post.

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