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Clapham, G. H., Tailor and Habitmaker, Victoria Avenue, Wanganui [a few doors above the Rutland Hotel.] Mr. Clapham is a native of Wakefield, near Bradford, Yorkshire, and arrived in Auckland per ship `Mary Shepherd' in 1865. Prior to leaving he learned his business with Mr. Paget, of Wakefield, and subsequently was employed as a cutter for Mr. Foster, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and came to the Colony under engagement to that gentleman, who intended starting business in Auckland. On arrival at Auckland, the idea was abandoned, and Mr. Clapham was engaged by Mr. Posseniskie, the well-known gentlemen's tailor of that city, with whom he worked for about a year. He then left for Timaru, and for eight years was in the employ of Mr. Paget, the son of his former master. Mr. Clapham then came to Wanganui, where he has remained ever since, working for well-known firms such as Mr. Flyger, Messrs. Hogg Bros. and Brechin, and Mr. Cribb. For some six years Mr. Clapham carried on a successful business on the opposite side of the Avenue, but was obliged to relinquish it on account of losses disconnected with his business. He has now, after a lapse of three or four years, re-commenced as above, and is again working into a good little business.

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