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CLAPHAM, T. D. and Son

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Clapham, T. D., and Son [Thomas Dunnill Clapham and John Newsome Clapham], Tailors and Habit Makers, corner of Main and Guilford Streets, Ashurst. Telegraphic address. `Clapham, Ashurst,' Bankers, _____ Bank of New Zealand. Private resident, Mr. J. N. Clapham, Guilford Street, adjoining business premises. Mr. Clapham was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and with his family left England for New Zealand in 1875, per ship `Verona.' Arriving at Tumaru, for the first twelve years he worked as journeyman for Mr. Paget and others, and then established himself in business there, and remained another year. In 1888 he removed to Ashurst and set up in his present premises, which are freehold and fairly large. Part of the shop is occupied as a boot store, the other half being used for the display of tweeds and other tailor's goods. Some three or four hands are usually employed, and the trade of Messrs. Clapham and Son extends throughout a large district, even to Feilding and Birmingham. Mr. Clapham, junior, learned his business with his father, partly in Timaru and partly in Ashurst.

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