Nelson, Marlborough and Westland


COLEMAN, William

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Major-Quartermaster W. Coleman

Page 44: NELSON HARBOUR BOARD: Mr. WILLIAM COLEMAN, one of the representatives of the Waimea district on the Nelson Harbour Board, is further referred to in the Military Section of this volume. Mr. Coleman is a Justice of the Peace, a director of the Brightwater Butter Factory, chairman of the Stoke Road Board, a member of the Richmond Borough Council, the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, Chamber of Commerce, Inland Communication League, etc.

Page 45: NELSON LICENSING COMMITTEE: ...The Licensing Committee is composed of Mr. H. Eyre-Kenny, S.M., chairman ex officio, and Messrs H. Atmore, Philip Best, John D. Beuke, William Coleman, and E. E. Trask...

Page 46: Mr. WILLIAM COLEMAN, a member of the Licensing Committee, is elsewhere referred to as a member of the Nelson Harbour Board, and as Major-Quarter-Master Coleman of the Nelson Volunteers.

Page 53-54: MAJOR-QUARTER-MASTER WILLIAM COLEMAN, of the Nelson Volunteers, has the Victoria decoration, and also the New Zealand long service medals. As a competitor he represented the Waikato in the colonial prize firing at Christchurch in 1872, at Nelson in 1873, Napier in 1874, Thames in 1875, and Brightwater at the first meeting held in 1879, and also in 1880, when he joined the Waimea Rifles. Major-Quartermaster Coleman was born at Woollongong, Illawarra district, New South Wales, on the 17th of February, 1844. He was educated at the national school, Woollongong, and arrived in Auckland on the 27th of March, 1864, during which he joined the 4th Waikato Militia [No. 4 Company]. Four years later he assisted to form the Thames Rifle Rangers, and resigned from that corps in order to assist Captain Newby to form the Hauraki Rifle Volunteers. He resided over two years at the Thames, and in September, 1871, returned to Waikato. On the 27th of December, 1871, he joined the Waikato Rifle Volunteers at Hamilton, under Captain Cumings, and served as private for a short time, but subsequently became lieutenant, and held the office until the company was disbanded. He assisted afterwards, under Lieutenant Fred. Whitaker, to form a contingent of the Te Awamutu troops in Hamilton, in which Mr. Coleman served from 1875 till 1880, when he removed to Nelson. He joined the Waimea Rifles on the 10th of May, 1880, when he was elected lieutenant, and he became quartermaster in 1889. Mr. Coleman was present, in 1881, at Parihaka, where he had charge of 500 prisoners one night. In shooting competitions he has won several prizes in different parts of the colony, and also at the colonial prize firing at Nelson. Major Quartermaster Coleman has his private residence at Richmond.

Page 124: RICHMOND: ...At present [1905] the Borough Council consists of Mr. John M. Croucher [Mayor], and Messrs. J. Hunt, John Little, J. F. Papps, A. Sheat, William Coleman, and William Hart [Councillors]. Mr. Samuel Fittall is Town Clerk.

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