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COLLINS, Robert Joseph, Mr.

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Mr. Robert Joseph Collins, Accountant to the Treasury, Deputy Registrar of Inscribed Consols and Secretary to the Government Officers Guarantee Board, has been an officer in the Government service for over thirty years. His father, the late Captain Collins, N.Z.M., was formerly in the Imperial Army, and served through the Crimean War, and in India and New Zealand. Mr. Collins was born in Ireland, and educated in his native land, in India, and in New Zealand. In 1861 he landed in New Plymouth with his parents from the steamer "Prince Arthur" from Bombay. Here at the age of fifteen he entered the Government service as a clerk in the Militia and Volunteer Office. After a short time Mr. Collins was promoted to a clerkship in the Stores Department, and when but nineteen years old was appointed sergeant-major on the Volunteer Staff, which position he held till 1877. In this year he was promoted to the Store Audit Department in Wellington, and in 1878 was transferred to the Treasury. In the following year he was appointed Clerk in charge of the Paymaster-Generals' Branch, and in 1885 to the office of Clerk in charge of the Revenue and Pay branches combined, and five years later he became Accountant to the Treasury. Mr. Collins has for nearly a quarter-of-a-century been a prominent member of the Volunteer Force of New Zealand, and holds the silver medal for long and efficient service. He is now connected with the Wellington City Rifles, of which he was elected lieutenant in 1885, and captain the succeeding year. Captain Collins has been clever as a marksman and holds a number of trophies, besides winning the Taranaki Rifle Championship in 1874 and 1875. He has been very active in connection with the New Zealand Rifle Association, and has given much attention to shooting matters in Wellington. From 1879 to 1883 he represented Taranaki on its Council, and since 1883 has been honorary treasurer of the Association. He was a member and secretary of the Societies of Oddfellows and Foresters while living in New Plymouth, also president of the Taranaki Rifle Association, and member and honorary secretary of the Board of Trustees for Public Recreation, and on leaving for Wellington he was presented with a valuable gold watch. In 1875 Mr. Collins married Miss Annie Cocks, daughter of Mr. Richard Cocks, of New Plymouth, and has two daughters and three sons.


COLLINS, Robert Joseph, Captain

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Captain Robert Joseph Collins, who has been in charge of the Wellington City Rifles since the 7th of March, 1886, is referred to on pages 127 and 128 as accountant to the Treasury.

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