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OAKLEY, RICKARD AND CHAPMAN: [Francis William Oakley, Frederick Walter Rickard and Arthur Walter Chapman], Tailors, successors to Cook and Oakley, 227 Lambton Quay. Bankers: Bank of New South Wales. The firm claims that this business, which was established in 1842, was the first tailor's shop in Wellington, and that Messrs. Sloan, Poulson and Gamble, who have since been prominent tailors in the Empire City, originally worked in the old building on the present site which was shaken down by one of the old-fashioned earthquakes. Mr John Cook, the founder, conducted a large business for thirty years. From 1878 to 1888 , Mr A H Cook - afterwards senior partner of the firm of Cook and Oakley - and his father, the son of the founder, carried on the trade. The present proprietors have had the business since April 1895... [The rest of the item refers to the later owners]

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