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CREMER, George Frederick

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George Frederick Cremer

Cremer, George Frederick, Cremer's Art Needlework, Fancy Goods, and Toy Depôt, Victoria Avenue, Wanganui. Telegraphic address "Cremer, Wanganui." Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Victoria Avenue, corner Dublin Street. London solicitors, Messrs. Emanuel and Simmonds, 57 Finsbury Circus, E. C. Home agent, Mr. W. H. Cremer, London, England, and Neuhamburg, Germany. Mr. Cremer is a native of London, where he lived and prospered for 25 years as an auctioneer, his offices being in Conduit Street, Bond Street, W. For fifteen years he held the appointment of auctioneer to the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Company, and for the British War Office. In 1881, Mrs. Cremer's health gave way, and removal to a more suitable climate was necessary. The appointments being personal, had of course to be thrown up, but the private business was continued by managers for some ten years after Mr. and Mrs. Cremer had come out to the Colony. In Jubilee year Mr. and Mrs. Cremer went Home for a short visit, but were unable to remain after the summer months. For fifteen years Mr. Cremer was a member of the vestry of St. George's, Hanover Square, and was the representative of that body on the London Board of Works, now known as the London County Council. Mr. Cremer's business in Wanganui is very different from that carried on by him in London; still it is a long way the best of its kind in the district. The specialties are art, needlework and novelties of every kind. Everything is imported direct from the Old World, and bought in the very best markets. The shop in Victoria Avenue is most centrally situated, and presents a fine appearance. For a few weeks before Christmas in each year, in order to cope with the increased business of that time, Mr. Cremer takes special premises as a German Fair for the sale of toys, dolls, games, etc. This is in every sense a house to be commended.

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