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Cribb, A. J., Tailor, Draper and Milliner, Denton House, Victoria Avenue, opposite the Convent, Wanganui. P.O. Box 59. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residence, Church Place. Mr. Cribb is a native of Lymington, Hampshire. He arrived in Wellington in 1871, per ship Salisbury,' having partially learned his business in the Old Country. He completed his knowledge of the trade in the Colony. The present business was founded in 1888. The premises are centrally situated in Ridgway Street, and comprise a commodious two-story building of wood and iron, erected on leasehold ground. There are three departments in the business, the tailoring, millinery, and general drapery, which are kept separate and distinct from each other. Mr Cribb's trade extends throughout the West Coast of the North Island, and frequently as far as Nelson in the South Island. A large and general stock of drapery of the latest patterns and most approved quality is always on hand. In the tailoring department, which is under Mr. Cribb's personal direction, fit and finish are the main things considered. The goods are all tailor-made, and Mr. Cribb has gained a reputation which places him in a premier position. Mr. Cribb is musical, and has been a member of the Catholic Church choir for about fourteen years.

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