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Alexander Cruickshank

Overton, Marton [the Hon. F. Arkwright's station], is a splendid estate of 1100 acres, which is all grassed and in cultivation; some very choice patches of native bush have been preserved for shelter. The property will carry about 3000 sheep all the year round, besides about fifty head of cattle, and other farm-stock. The manager and his men are provided with comfortable dwellings, with orchards, and paddocks for the proverbial cow. An engraving of Mr. Arkwright's residence appears on page 580 of this volume.

Mr. Alexander Cruickshank, Manager of Overton, is a son of Mr. J. D. Cruickshank, the well-known sawmiller of the Upper Hutt. Born at Kaiwarra in 1851, the subject of this notice was for many years engaged in farming at the Hutt. In 1888 he gave up his farm and accepted the position of manager at Overton. As a member of the Masonic fraternity, he is attached to Lodge Ruapehu, No. 2137, in which he has held offices as J. D. In 1878 Mr. Cruickshank was married to a daughter of the late Mr. William Gray, a prominent officer of the General Post Office, Wellington, an_ has a son and a daughter.

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