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Dickie, James, Settler, Momahaki. One of the best-known settlers in this part of the Colony, Mr. Dickie was born in 1809 in Ayrshire, Scotland. In 1832 he settled in Galt, Upper Canada, where he engaged in sheep and cattle-breeding, gaining many prizes. After selling out he came to Wellington, New Zealand, in the early forties. Spending nine months at Turakina, Mr. Dickie then bought land at Waverley, and his brother, Mr. William Dickie, who had followed him to New Zealand a year later, acquired the farm adjoining. In 1888 Mr. Dickie gave up his Waverley farm to his son Alexander, and settled at Momahaki, where he died in 1895. The late Mr. Dickie was married in 1837 to Miss Jane McDonald, who hails from Port William, Inverness, where she was born in 1809. At the age of eighty-eight this lady survives her husband, being one of the most active and interesting ladies in the district. The family comprises four sons and three daughters.

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