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Easton, A.S., Butcher, Main Street, Foxton. Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Mr Easton was born at Peckham, near London. His eldest brother was foreman to a large butchery business carried on by Mr. James Smith in Melbourne in the early days. The subject of this notice came out to his brother soon after finishing his apprenticeship, but only remained in Melbourne a short time. Attracted by the news from the goldfields of Otago, Mr. Easton crossed over, and was all through the Otago diggings, at Gabriel's, Waitahuna and Tuapeka. Leaving the goldfields, Mr. Easton worked at his trade for some time in Dunedin, until the West Coast rush broke out. For some time afterwards he had mining experience on the West Coast goldfields. Subsequently for three or four years, Mr. Easton had a shop in Wellington, after which he removed to the Foxton district, and established the present business in 1874. The premises now occupied by him comprise a unique and handsome building, affording about 3000 square feet of floorage space, which is erected on freehold land. The building was constructed from Mr. Easton's own designs, Messrs. Morley and Fry being the contractors. They have been completed nearly twenty years. Mr. Easton's convenient slaughterhouses are situate on twenty-four acres of land owned by him, where also he has a boiling-down establishment. He has several farms, including 175 acres in the Foxton district, where he carries on a dairy business, and milks thirty five cows. He has a fine paddock of sixty acres in the district for the purpose of running sheep, and a horse paddock of six acres. At Birmingham, Mr. Easton has 150 acres where he runs cattle, and at Campbelltown 237 acres where he runs his stock. Mr. Easton's turnover is from sixteen to twenty bullocks a month and about eighty sheep. He has four sons, who assist in the business, of whom one is married. A daughter of Mr. Easton's is married to Mr. A. H. Knowles, manager of the Bank of Australasia at Foxton. Mr. Easton took a prominent part in connection with the establishment of the Anglican Church in the Foxton district, and assisted materially in getting the church built.

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