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Mr. E. Edridge

Mr. Edward EDRIDGE is a native of Gloucestershire, England, where he received his education. After holding the position of pupil teacher, and, later on, that of assistant master in the schools of his native place, Mr. Edridge decided to come to New Zealand, and landed at Nelson in the year 1875. He has served under Education Boards in various parts of the colony, including those of Westland and Wellington. As headmaster of the Wai-iti school, to which he was appointed first in 1884, and again, five years later, he is universally liked by the scholars, and is encouraged in his work by the majority of the settlers in the district. Mr. Edridge is a Freemason, and a member of the Forest Lodge in the Wakefield district, and has passed through the chairs of the Order.

WAI-ITI SCHOOL. This school was opened about the year 1870, when Mr. Smith, who is now inspector of schools in the Marlborough district, was its headmaster. The scholars on the roll number 115, and the attendance is generally very good, except in the hop-picking season, which is a time of sore trial to the various schoolmasters in the Nelson province, owing to so many scholars being unable to be present in the early part of the year. This school has during the last fifteen years, under the supervision of Mr. Edridge, made very great progress, the average attendance rising from under forty to nearly one hundred.

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