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ELIOTT, Huntly John Harry

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Mr. H. J. H. Eliott, Under-Secretary for Mines

Mr. Huntly John Harry Eliott Under-Secretary for Mines, was born in Auckland in 1843. His father Mr. G. Eliot Eliott, joined the Public Service in Auckland in 1840. Mr. Huntly Elliott [sic] was first appointed clerk in the Colonial Secretary's Department at Auckland under the Stafford Government, in October 1858, Mr. [afterwards the Hon.] W. Gisborne, being the under Secretary of the department. Mr. Eliott remained in the Colonial Secretary's Office until the inauguration of the Public Works Policy in November, 1870. On the creation of the new department, Mr. Eliott became chief clerk therein. He was subsequently appointed Immigration Officer for Wellington district, and in 1877 was appointed Under-Secretary for the lands and Immigration Department, the administration of the Mines Department being subsequently added to Mr. Eliott's duties. At present Mr. Eliott holds the appointment of Under-Secretary for Mines.

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