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FEIST, Edwin

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Councillor Edwin Feist

Councillor Edwin Feist, who was Mayor of the borough of Masterton in 1880, has almost continuously held a seat on the Council since that time. Born in Framfield, Sussex, in 1842, and educated at East Hothly, Mr. Feist came to Wellington in 1865 per ship 'Mallard.' Having served an apprenticeship of five years to the grocery and drapery business in Bletchingly, Surrey, he joined his brother in Masterton on arrival, and taking over the business in 1870, did a successful trade till 1888, when he sold out and retired. Mr. Feist was one of the first councillors of the borough, having occupied a seat in the local board for some years previously. As chairman of the Cemetery Trustees and of the local school committee, and as a member of the Park Trust and an ex-member of the Trust Lands Trust, the subject of the notice has served the public. He belongs to the Presbyterian Church, of which he has acted as secretary and treasurer for twenty-five years. Mr. Feist takes a deep interest in the temperance movement, and is an ardent prohibitionist. In 1868 he was married to a daughter of the late Rev. John McQueen, Free Church minister, of Daviot, Inverness, and has two daughters.

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