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GIBBS, Isaac

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Mr. ISAAC GIBBS, sometime of Wakefield, was one of the early pioneers, who came out to New Zealand when it was but a waste, and who by dint of energy and perseverance, succeeded in converting it into a fertile land, which now brings in a fair return for the labour spent upon it. Mr. Gibbs was born in Hampshire, England, in the year 1818 , and came to New Zealand in the ship `Bolton,' which arrived in Nelson in the year 1842. After a sojourn of about seven years in the town of Nelson, where many hardships were encountered, he went further inland and lived at Brightwater for five years; after that he resided at Wakefield, where he had a freehold farm of 630 acres. In his later years, Mr. Gibbs, though still hale and hearty, enjoyed a well-earned retirement from business worries; the farm being managed by his second son, Mr. Joseph Gibbs, who lived on the property with his wife and family. Mr. Gibbs, senior, never took any part in public affairs, but he helped to put down the Maori rising after the Wairau massacre, and was one of those who nightly watched the Maori camp at very great risk to their lives. Mr. Gibbs always enjoyed the goodwill of his fellow settlers as a man of strict integrity and strength of purpose. He died on the 30th of June, 1908.

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