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GINDERS, Bertram Percy

Page 957

Ginders, Bertram Percy, Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist, Hall Street. Mr. Ginders is a son of Dr. Ginders, resident medical man in charge of Rotorua Sanatorium. He was educated at Wellington College, and studied his profession with Mr. Hoby [or Hohy?] in Wellington. Having passed the prescribed examinations on the 20th May, 1890, the requisite certificate under the Dentists Act was issued. Mr. Ginders was for some time with the late W. H. Skeat, dentist, of Auckland. The present business was founded in October, 1891. In athletics, Mr. Ginders is an enthusiastic footballer, and was captain of the Red Star Club, Masterton, in 1891. He is a native of Yorkshire, and reached the colony per ship Lady Jocelyn, in 1879.

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