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GOLDER, Mr. John

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Mr. J. Golder

Mr. John Golder, Rate Collector, Inspector of Roads, Slaughterhouses, and Nuisances; Valuer, and Returning Officer for the Hutt County Council, was born at the Lower Hutt on the 22nd of July, 1849. His father, Mr. William Golder, who published sundry poems, arrived with the early Port Nicholson settlers per Bengal Merchant, in March, 1840. The subject of this paragraph - the youngest son - received his education in his native place. He has been well known in the district as working foreman of roads, first under the Provincial Government till the abolition of the provinces, and since under the Council till May, 1893, when he was promoted to the important offices which he has filled since that time. In 1877 Mr. Golder was married to Miss Jane, daughter of Mr. Alexander G. Martin, an old settler at the Upper Hutt, and has a family of nine children - three daughters and six sons.

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