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Councillor John Gould

Councillor John Gould, was elected to the Feilding Borough Council in November, 1890, and has held a seat there since. He was born in Broom, Warwickshire, England in 1844, his father being a stockdealer there. After completing his education at the village school, the subject of this notice was apprenticed to the baking trade with Mr. Crow of Alcester. On the completion of his apprenticeship, he worked as a journeyman in Bromsgrove and Birmingham for some time. Eventually he started in business in Great Lister Street, Birmingham, and after fourteen years there, he removed to Liverpool, but after a stay of six months returned, and began business in Aston Road, Birmingham. In 1884 he came to Feilding, New Zealand, bought a section and started his present business. In the following year he removed to Denbigh Street, where he now carries on an extensive wholesale and retail bakery business, in which he is assisted by his son, Mr. Albert John Gould. Mr. Gould was twice married, a remarkable coincidence being that on each occasion the lady was a Miss Mary Ann Anyon; the first of Birmingham and the second of Liverpool. The family consists of nine children. Mr. Gould has been a member of the local school committee for about eight years, and is circuit steward in the Primitive Methodist Church. He is a prominent worker in the Feilding Prohibition League.

Gould, John, Baker, Denbigh Street, Feilding. Mr. Gould established his present extensive wholesale and retail bakery business in 1884. Further reference will be found under `Feilding Borough.'

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