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GRAY, Alfred

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Mr. Alfred Gray

Mr. Alfred Gray the late Captain of the Wanganui Swimming Club, is a builder residing in Glasgow Street, Wanganui. Born in 1863 in Dunedin, he came to Wanganui with his parents when two years of age, and was educated at a private school. After three years in the Telegraph Department, he served seven years to the cabinetmaking and building trade. Mr. Gray has been very conspicuous in aquatic circles, both as a rowing man and as a swimmer, while his record as a footballer, fireman, cricketer, and rifle-shot are most brilliant, and his achievements too many and varied to be recounted here. He has thrilled the public on several occasions by sensational dives from the top of the Aramoho Railway Bridge into the river - a distance of seventy feet. He has swum from the Town Bridge to Aramoho and back in one effort, and has rendered great public service on many occasions by rescuing drowning persons and diving for bodies. He has an extensive collection of cups, medals and trophies, won in different competitions. Mr. Gray is captain of the Union Boat Club.

Wanganui Amateur Swimming Club is one of the most popular institutions of the town. It was established some years ago, and has a very large membership. A large share of its success is undoubtedly due to Mr. Alfred Gray, for some time its captain.

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