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Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer, Liverpool Street, Wanganui. PO Box 105. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Hodren is a native of Coventry and was brought up chiefly in Birmingham. He came to New Zealand in 1873, per ship Helen Denny, and settled in Wanganui the same year. He has worked his way up in the Colony, and has been successful in establishing a good business. The freehold premises occupied by him include about half an acre of land, on which he has just erected a large eight-roomed residence. The factory, which contains about 600 square feet of floorage space, in addition to other numerous out buildings, is replete with every convenience for his trade. A horizontal steam engine, of three horse-power, drives the machinery, which is one of the largest plants in the Colony, its capacity being 2000 dozen per day. It comprises one of Barnett and Foster's aerated water machines, bottling racks, and every other necessary appliance. The trade extends to Waitotara and Hunterville, and two horses and carts are employed in delivering the goods. Mr. Hodren makes suitable drinks for all the seasons of the year. One special line is the orange champagne, of the quality of which the writer speaks with confidence. The essences, etc, required for the trade are all imported direct from the Old World. In this department as in the general conduct of the business Mr. Hodren is ably assisted by two sons.

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