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Mitchinson, G. D. W., Bookseller, Stationer, and Fancy Goods Dealer, and News Agent, High Street, Waverley. Telegraphic address, `Mitchinson, Waverley.' This business was established in Waverley six years ago by Mr. H. F. Mason, by whom it was sold in 1894 to Mr. Mitchinson. The building is of wood and iron, the freehold being in the hands of Mr. W. Mitchinson, father of the owner of the business. It was erected by Messrs. MacFarlane and Son, and is a well-built, commodious establishment, an engraving of it being shown herewith. Mr. Mitchinson does a good trade throughout the district, a special attraction being the circulating library (at the low tariff of five shillings per quarter), which contains an excellent assortment of current works of fiction, etc,. and which boasts of a goodly number of subscribers. Mr. Mitchenson's agencies include the South British Insurance Company, Canterbury Times, Auckland Weekly News, New Zealand Mail, Wanganui Herald, Yeoman, etc. Mr. Mitchinson was born at Hokitika, but left the coast and settled in Christchurch, where he received his education, in 1876. In 1883 he came with his parents to Waverley, and was engaged in farming pursuits until he took over the present business. Having lived so long in the district, Mr. Mitchinson is well acquainted with all the inhabitants, with whom he is more than ordinarily popular. Since taking over the establishment he has been very successful, and is well satisfied with his business prospects.

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