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Morris, G. W. D. Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer and Undertaker, Hunterville Furnishing Warehouse, Bruce Street, Hunterville. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Onga Road. Mr. Morris is a native of Wellington, and learned his business with Mr. James Gilbert, of Auckland, who was the founder of the Sash and Door Company. Mr. Morris completed his term in 1861 and for many years thereafter had a large and general experience in connection with is business. For seventeen years he was in business in Christchurch, as a builder, and for two years subsequently worked in connection with his trade in Wellington. Settling in Hunterville in 1887 he established the Hunterville Furnishing Warehouse, which is a building of wood and iron, two stories in height, erected on leasehold ground and built by himself from his own designs. His trade extends all over Paraekaretu district. Mr. Morris has no speciality in his business, but makes everything required in the furnishing line. He is an ex-member of the local school committee, and a member of the Oddfellows' court.

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