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Neill, M. A., Storekeeper, River Bank, Aramoho. Telegraphic address, `Neill, Aramoho.' Bankers: Bank of New South Wales, Wanganui. Mr. Neill was born in Wellington, and came to Wanganui in 1857. He learned his business with Mr. R. McLean and Mr. Felix McGuire, completing his term in 1868. For some six or seven years subsequently Mr. Neill worked with Mr. George Calman, Wanganui, and established the present business in 1892. The local post-office and telephone bureau is in Mr. Neill's charge. He is also agent for the Phoenix Fire Insurance Company. He keeps all lines usually kept by a country store, and his trade extends throughout a considerable district, of which Aramoho is the centre. Mr. Neill is a lieutenant in the Wanganui Naval Artillery, and has been connected with the volunteer movement since 1881. He holds a long-service medal.

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