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NEILL, Major Samuel

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Major Samuel Neill, Hon. Unattached List, New Zealand Volunteers, was born in Ireland, and entered Her Majesty's 65th Regiment of Infantry, in which he served over twenty-three years. He came to New Zealand in 1846, per ship `Pastongeebomongee,' an old East Indiaman, and retired in 1864. Major Neill then joined the volunteer movement, and held the rank of captain for ten years, and that of major for eleven years. He commanded the forces in Patea, Rangitikei, and Wanganui Volunteers districts from February, 1882, to January 1883, when he retired. Major Neill was at the taking possession of Parakino, on the Wanganui River, in 1865, at Wereroa, at the relief of Pipiriki, and at Patea camp 1868, under Colonel McDonald. He is n ow in his 71st year.

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