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ORR, Allan

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Mr. Allan Orr, President of the Wellington Carriers' Union, was born at Geelong, Victoria, in 1853. He came to New Zealand with his parents when but ten years of age. His father was one of the first to settle at Miller's Flat, Otago, where for many years Mr. Orr was engaged in farming, gold digging, and other pursuits. On leaving, in 1883, he was the recipient of a ten guinea English lever watch, suitably inscribed, with a silver chain and pendant, and one hundred and fifty persons assembled at the farewell spread to do him honour, especially with reference to the great interest he had taken in charitable institutions. Mr. Orr was for seven years in Christchurch, during four of which term he was storeman to Messrs. Hopkins and Co., of Ferry Road; and afterwards he was in business as a tea dealer, in High Street, for about two years. He has long taken an interest in Trades' Unionism and in Friendly Societies, filling the office of vice-President of the Woolston-Lyttelton Amalgamated Friendly Societies' Fête, and holding office in the Druids' and Oddfellows' Societies. Since coming to Wellington in 1890, Mr. Orr has been for four years storeman to Mr. Flockton, but lately has devoted himself to the occupation of expressman. He has been a prominent member of the Excelsior Lodge of Druids in which he passed through all the chairs. M r. Orr is a man who has the courage of his opinions, and is ever ready to espouse the cause of anyone who is wronged or oppressed. He has often been successful in bring pressure to bear on those in authority in the interests of the suppression of abuses. Mr. Orr is the indefatigable Secretary of the Anti-Chinese League, which is supported by the whole of the Trades Unions of Wellington.

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