Nelson, Marlborough and Westland



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COUNCILLOR JAMES SATHERLEY was elected to a seat on the Motueka Borough Council, at its institution, in the year 1899. He is further referred to as a farmer at Motueka.

SATHERLY, JAMES, Farmer, Motueka. Mr. Satherly was born in Somersetshire, England, in the year 1840, and is the son of Mr. William Satherly, well and popularly known by all the early colonists. On the way out in the ship `Sir Charles Forbes,' bound from England to Nelson, New Zealand, Mr. Satherly's mother died; which was particularly unfortunate for the family. However they settled in the Waimea district, where they commenced farming, and were very successful. Mr. James Satherly had a good deal of experience on the diggings in the Collingwood district and in Canterbury and elsewhere. He settled down in Motueka in 1860, and has a fine farm of forty-five acres of very rich land, well suited to the cultivation of hops, the staple product of the district. Mr. Satherly is one of the oldest Oddfellows in the district, and took a prominent part in the opening of the local lodge. He has served as a member of the Motueka Road Board and school committee, and is ever to the fore in anything likely to promote the advancement of the district. Mr. Satherly is married and has three children.

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