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Empire Temperance Hotel [J. Shelley, proprietor], corner Wicksteed Street and Campbell Place, Wanganui. Telegraphic address, `Shelley, Wanganui.' Banker, Bank of New South Wales. The Empire Temperance Hotel is under the same proprietorship as the Buffet in the Victoria Avenue, and was purchased by Mr. Shelley in order that he might increase his accommodation. The Empire Temperance Hotel was for many years known as the Empire Hotel, and was one of a number whose licenses were discontinued. It contains no fewer than twenty-one bedrooms, besides several sitting-rooms, parlours, bathrooms, etc. There is a fine billiard-room, with one of the best tables in the town, nearly new. Good stabling is always provided. The Tarriff, like that of the Buffet, is one shilling all round, and 18s. and 20s. per week. The proprietor, Mr. Shelley, has travelled a great deal, and has had experience in this line of business. The Empire is particularly well-kept and comfortable. Mr. Shelley is a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters. [For description of Mr. Shelley's other establishments, `The Buffet,' see page 1439]

Buffett, The [proprietor J. Shelley], Victoria Avenue, Wanganui. Branch ____ Temperance Hotel, corner Wicksteed Street and Campbell Place. Telegraphic address, `Buffet, Wanganui.' Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residence, Empire Temperance Hotel. The Buffet was established in 1887 by Mr. Shelley, who is also proprietor of the Empire Temperance Hotel. The latter he purchased in 1894, in consequence of the scarcity of room in connection with the more central establishment. The Buffet is in the very heart of the town, within a few doors of the Rutland Hotel and but a few yards of the post-office. Meals of good quality are provided at all hours, the tariff being one shilling all round, or for weekly boarders, 20s. single rooms, and 18s. double bedrooms. The proprietor Mr. Shelley is a native of Greenwich, and was apprenticed to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company of East Greenwich. For several years after the completion of his term he continued with the company, and was one of the party sent out with the cable steamship `Edinburgh' to repair the cable between Port Darwin and Singapore, and to lay the first cable between Australia and New Zealand. This was in 1875. Mr. Shelley then left the service, and went to the Palmer Diggings in Queensland. Soon afterwards he came over to this Colony, and was employed in Christchurch and Wellington, subsequently going to the Kimberley goldfields and finally returning to New Zealand and settling as above. Mr. Shelley has done well in Wanganui, and conducts his establishment in such a manner as to merit a good share of the public patronage. Further particulars of the branch establish__ ___en under the head of the Empire Temperance Hotel.

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