Nelson, Marlborough and Westland


TURNER, William King

Pages 37, 39

Councillor William King Turner, J.P.

...THE NELSON CITY COUNCIL consists of Mr. Harry Baigent (Mayor), and Messrs. M. Lightband, J. B. Harrison, C. Haggitt, E. Webley, T. Pettit, A. H. Hounsell, A. A. Grace, H. Atmore, and W. K. Turner...

COUNCILLOR WILLIAM KING TURNER, J.P., was elected to the Nelson City Council on the 26th of April 1905. He was born in Nelson in 1846, and is the son of the late Mr. Robert King Turner, one of the earliest settlers in the province. After receiving his education in his native city, young Turner went to sea, a calling which he followed for twenty years, and for the greater portion of that period he was a master mariner. About 1874 he took up a sheep run at Admiralty Bay, near the French Pass, and this he carried on in conjunction with his trading vessels. When he retired from the sea he settled on his run where he resided up to 1904, when he handed over the property to his sons. Since then Mr. Turner has lived in retirement in the city of Nelson . He was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace by the late Judge Robinson in 1899. Mr. Turner married a daughter of the late Mr. Isaac Harvey, of Happy Valley, Nelson, and has a family of two sons and three daughters.

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