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Mr. William Vickerstaff

Mr. William Vickerstaff, ex-Councillor of the borough of Carterton, was born in Staffordshire, England, in 1825. He was educated in that country, and on the 29th of November, 1856, left Liverpool for New Zealand in the ship Ann Wilson, arriving in Wellington exactly four months later. Two days after arrival he started to work getting out foundations for the Parliament Buildings, for the late Mr. C. R. Carter, the contractor. After working a short time he decided to go up the Wairarapa, and arrived in Greytown on the 18th of April, 1857. Mr. Vickerstaff belonged to the first gang which was engaged in making roads through Greytown, Carterton and Masterton, and worked for some time on the old Black bridge, again under Mr. C. R. Carter. He then took up some land in Carterton, on which he now resides. Having made a competence, he has retired from active life. Mr. Vickerstaff was a member of the first town board formed in Carterton, and was instrumental in the establishment of a local board, of which he was a member for over fifteen years. He was also instrumental in securing the reserve on which the present library stands. When the borough was formed, Mr. Vickerstaff was elected a member of the Council, and occupied a seat till 1893, when he retired in consequence of increasing hardness of hearing. He still takes an interest in the welfare of the borough. Mr. Vickerstaff was one of the first members of the volunteers, and continued a member until the disbandment of the corps. He was an active member of St. Mark's Church, being on the vestry for several years, and was instrumental in planting and laying out the grounds and erecting fences. He was also on the local school committee for several years, and did good service in getting the school enlarged and a teacher's residence erected.

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